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You can’t just wag your finger at other Leaders and make them do what you say Abbott

The Abbott government has done so much damage to Australias national and International reputation, that to wag your finger at the president of Indonesia and inform Indonesia, ‘its time to get over it now and start doing what you are told’ just doesn’t work.

Photo: Prime Minister Tony Abbott talks to Indonesia's president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during a visit in Jakarta in September. (Reuters: Beawiharta)
Photo: Prime Minister Tony Abbott talks to Indonesia’s president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono during a visit in Jakarta in September. (Reuters: Beawiharta)

I think that Mr Abbott is under the illusion that he is everyones daddy and, ‘you’ve sulked enough now, its time to make your bed young man!’

Tony Abbott says it is “high time” Indonesia resumed cooperation with Australia to stop the flow of asylum seeker boats. We know the reason why Tony Abbott is being so high-handed over the furor that they enacted, but continually blame the Labor government for. If Bishop, and then Abbott hadn’t left Australia to proclaim to the region that they were now in charge, and if it was just in their vocabulary to make an apology, then all would be good.

But it is not possible for Tony Abbott to apologise for anything. Howard was much the same and if this is what the 30,000 Australians that voted Abbott in, want for their children, then I say move to a small Island, Abbott can be your king, Bishop can be your diplomat and Australia under Labor can begin to rebuild the greatness that was achieved during 2007 and Sep, 2013.

Tony Abbott’s ‘megaphone diplomacy’ on asylum seekers risks further damaging Indonesia relationship

The facts:

During a press conference on his first 100 days in office, Mr Abbott described Indonesia’s decision to suspend military cooperation as “singularly unhelpful” and has urged Indonesia to reverse it.

“Given that people smuggling is a crime in Indonesia, just as it is a crime in Australia, I think it is high time that cooperation was resumed,” he said.

“But I accept that in the end, what Indonesia does is a matter for Indonesia.”

Bill Shorten, the alternative Prime Minister says that Tony Abbott risks further undermining Australia’s relationship with Indonesia after Abbott suggested it was “high time” Indonesia resumed cooperation on people smuggling operations.

The alternative Immigration spokesman Richard Marles has accused Mr Abbott of engaging in megaphone diplomacy.

“I think this is another example of a Government certainly with its L-plates on” he said.

“A Government that has no instinct for how to get its diplomatic relations right with Indonesia on the issue of asylum seekers.”

And the incredulity of it all, is that Abbott is happy with his first 100 days in office.

  • He is “very satisfied” with the Government’s achievements during their first 100 days.
  • “There will always be critics. The question is: are the critics justified?” he said.
  • Yes the critics are justified, goodness me can you nor see what you have really done? Its worse than I thought.

  • “If you look at what we’ve done – we have precisely delivered on our commitments and we have intelligently responded to the developments of the day.”
  • Mr Abbott has released a 28 page document, giving an update on what action has been taken to deliver on the Coalition’s election promises.

    That would be thicker than his aspirational ‘Real Solutions booklet.’

    “I am very satisfied with what’s been achieved over 100 days. We’ve made a good start. Of course there’s much more to do,” Abbott says.

    I say, please stop, please stop now!



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