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WOW Convicted Boat Race protester Fights Deportation to Australia amidst Fear of Racism

Wow how bad must Australia’s international reputation be for someone to fight deportation because “he does not want to expose his wife and daughter to racism in Australia.”


Trenton Oldfield disrupted last year’s annual Oxford-Cambridge boat race in London, when he swam out into the River Thames to protest “entrenched elitism”.

Mr Oldfield, 37, was convicted of public nuisance and sentenced to six months in prison over the protest – the first time in 158 runnings that the race had been interrupted by a swimmer.

The Home Office, or interior ministry, later deemed his presence in Britain as “undesirable”, rejecting his application for a spousal visa and ordering him to leave the country.

Mr Oldfield, who has lived in Britain since 2001, appealed against the decision at the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

He based his appeal partly on a claim that his British wife, Deepa Naik, and their five-month-old daughter would face discrimination if they were forced to move back with him.

“Australia to Deepa… is a particularly racist country,” he said.

“There are particularly racist attacks on people of Indian descent.”


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