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Worked to the Grave

You just know that a Liberal government is in, when your parents and grandparents have their pensions ripped away from them, and then in an economic environment, where Jobs are thin on the ground, they are put onto the centrelink, I’m sorry: Human Services ‘Job Seeker payment,’ because it is less than their well deserved pensions would be.

I know a woman who has been in dire need of knee operations (both) and suffers with extreme arthritis in her hands (both), but because she is, I mean was, a couple of years off senior pension age, she has not been able too, and can now not afford to take the time off work to have these operations done. So, in pain she cleans offices with the only light at the end of her tunnel being able to retire and have her medical treatment. That won’t happen now, now she will have to continue to suffer and be worked into the ground and don’t think that their pension is much, but its a hell of a lot better than the Job Seeker payment.

This is about reducing the amount that government pays in aged pensions. Nothing more.

Lets work em’ into the grave is the view of the Libs.

If your a young adult, don’t be too keen to get into the workforce, stay at school as long as you can, be a kid as long as you can, because that is the only time in your life that you are allowed, by the government, to have time off. Once you start working, or have a baby, your screwed.

This is a link to the Parliamentary sitting calender, this is how many days a Politician, who sits around on these days in an air-conditioned auditorium type centre, in comfortable leather chairs and sups upon a banquet in the mean time, this is how-many days they sit (It cannot be called work).

Tony Abbott and his front bench don’t work. They got an education and worked at getting to the top, but they don’t get their fingers dirty. They are not out in the field, or in the factory or even in the city every day, sweltering in 40+ degree heat to scratch by and make a living. Even using the word living is laughable because once you stop getting an education, all you will be doing is living hand to mouth.

Now, with a grand retirement plan envisaged, that is gone, not that many get to experience an easy retirement. You work your entire life, paying taxes that pays the wages of the politicians that are now seeking to strip our aged pensioners, of a small reprieve after all their years of service, and for the roads that you drive on, the buses and trains that you catch, the public service allotted to you. Once you start work, you pay all that. Your parents are, and your grandparents did, for around 50+ years of their life, now the government wants more of their life from them.

Remember that, when you start work, you are trading hours, minutes, seconds of your life in exchange for money. Don’t give it to them for nothing. When you start a job you write down your hours, you check it against the pay slip that must be provided for you, and if you have not been payed according to your hours, minutes and seconds that you have provided to the job, you need to question it. Get representation in the workplace, the second you get work. If you are asked to work later of come in earlier, they must pay you for it. Don’t do it for love! It is a job, that I say once again, you exchange hours, minutes, seconds of your life for a pay check, your life and your Labour is valuable, protect yourself.

Also, wear a watch, I was once ripped off 3-hours of double+ time because I worked Christmas day and the supervisor moved the hands of the clock back 3-hours and insisted that I and another women sign a time sheet before leaving at 3 in the morning. Upon arriving home, I then saw that the 5 minutes that it took to drive there, was 3-hours according to the clock. They get sneaky and they can also get clever believe it or not. Don’t get caught out. Protect yourself in the work place, log your own hours and wear a reliable watch.

Due to these practices, apart from the 3-hour Christmas rip off, I was the only one in my work crew who received the right amount of pay every week, because I would take the hour or so that they would drag it out to, and visit the pay ma’m every Friday to get the 3 or so hours they would forget… ooopppppss



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