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Why we should vote for Lara, for Labor, on March 15

With a Labor led Tasmania, Tasmanians will come first, all of us…

Lara Giddings, Premier of Tasmania

There are a number of reasons that Tasmanians should re-elect Labor to state government. One major reason being, that Will Hodgman, like Tony Abbott has said that ‘the Tasmanian Liberals will only govern in a majority’, revealing that a vote for Liberals in Tasmania, is a very unwise vote, to borrow a loaded term from our illustrious leader Tony Abbott.

“They’ll run a dirty campaign because they can not run on their record, they don’t have one,” he said. “We will have no part in a bidding war with the Labor, or indeed the Greens,” said Will Hodgman.

Liberals, State and Federal Have Organised – Australias Right to Know

Labor in Tasmania have distanced themselves from the Greens because Tony Abbott spent an enormous amount of time demonising the party, just before he made a deal with the Federal Greens Leader, Christine Milne, after vowing never to make deals, to only rule in majority, bowing to no-one.

Is this what Tasmanians can expect?

Promising only to govern in majority, Hodgman, whether intentionally or not, tells the Tasmanian people that he is Tony Abbotts love child. Tony Abbott has broken just about every promise he made throughout the short electoral period. He denies that he has broken any promises, which makes the fact that he has, so much worse because:

He either believes that by telling the Australian voter that he hasn’t broken any promises, over and over again, that it will make it true,


Tony Abbott actually believes that he hasn’t broken the blatantly obvious promises that his Liberal government breaks daily.

We must also, not forget what the Liberals are doing in Queensland either.

How many Tasmanians, and Australian bike riders in general, traverse the Tasmanian roadways to experience the beauty of our wonderful state. How many tourists come to Tasmania to relax in the quiet beauty that it promises. There is just too much uncertainty in Australian politics at the moment, that to become a liberal led state would be quite dire indeed. We will be treated like the proverbial mushrooms that the Governments of Australia always view Tasmanians to be. We don’t rate a mention unless it is election time.

With talks of selling off the pulp mill, Lara is hoping to transparently provide jobs to keep Tasmanians employed. Whilst Lara confirmed that she did terminate the positions of Greens leader Nick McKim and Greens minister Cassy O’Connor, both Greens Ministers say they have no hard feelings about the end of the alliance but have declared they will not be the last Greens in cabinet. They also note that they are proud of their role in producing a ‘strong, stable Tasmanian, Labor led Government.’

A Labor government cares about the people in their community, not for political gain, but due to a sustaining want to care for human beings.

Labor representatives in Australia view ‘people’ with the hope of betterment in mind, with care and consideration for their health and heart, with a burning desire to see only the best for each and every person. Lara Giddings has grown over the past 10-years, from a health minister during the Howard years (such a stressful time), to become Tasmanias Premier. The job seems to suit her also, her features have softened and her heart appears to be on her sleeve. The Greens who lost their position yesterday, did so with a respect and composure not seen in Federal politics for some years. This says a lot about Lara Giddings leadership.

Potential Buyers for Pulp Mill

Jim Bacon had shepherded Tasmania into a new era of optimism.

“The Labor government, under Jim Bacon, turned this state around economically. Tasmanians began to their futures with a lot of hope rather than the pessimism that surrounded them for quite a number of Liberal years. Mr Bacon was widely know as “Good News Jim” due to his relentless purveying of optimism.”

The pulp mill saga revolves around the fast-tracked approval of the Gunns Bell Bay Pulp Mill, which sparked a paranoia in the Tasmanian community, that something underhanded had been going on between Gunns, the government and the Liberal Opposition.

With the Wilderness Society spreading warnings that the ‘toxic’ pulp mill project would fuel more forest feuding, only reveals more fear tactics to a state starved for jobs. So starved is the Tasmanian working aged population for employment, that our children leave the state to gain employment. Most times unsuccessfully.

With the right legislations, with the correct environmental procedures and constructions in place, the Pulp mill will supply much needed work for one of the most employment starved sections of Tasmania, the Launceston area. With the proper permissions by land owners, correct purchase price offers made to land owners by those who seek to buy, and put into production, the pulp mill, the more economically viable Launceston and the surrounding areas will become.

If you are going to use paper, why should other countries have to deal with the waste!

Lara, I believe, will deliver to our children, jobs, so that they will not have to leave us to gain employment on the mainland. A stringent set of environmental conditions need to be attached to any manufacturing prospect in Tasmania, but this does not mean that we should not have manufacturing in Tassie. Tasmania can not survive on tourism alone and whilst I can see that any manufacturing can be hazardous, if we are aware of this to start with, then as Tasmanians we can ensure that any manufacturing in Tassie remains environmentally friendly.

The whole state of Tasmania should not bow to the few, who produce organic produce, because the industry does not, cannot, put enough back into the system, to support Tasmanias economy on its own. So we must manufacture something, anything. We just need to ensure that it is closely monitored, and that the most efficient way is to deal with any pollutants that arise from it. Toxic waste, washes into the Tasmanian rivers daily, from farm fertilizer drainage and private Forrest upkeep, to cooking oils and fast food and butchery wastages emanating from retail outlets. Lets not forget our own wastage, whether it comes from packaged foods and garden fertilisers right down to sewerage. Sewerage that we boat in, swim in and fish in.

If you are willing to live along the Tamar River estuary, in northern Tasmania, in Launceston, then you should have no problems living with a Pulp Mill in George Town.

If a Liberal government takes leadership in Tasmania, the pulp mill will still go ahead, but it could very quickly become reminiscent of the Pulp Mill protests of 2006, if the Federal Liberal governments form is anything to go by. The Abbott Government is the first government in 40 years to immediately go backwards after taking the reigns, with not the hint of a honeymoon period in sight (an excellent article to read). The Abbott government just the other night espoused the wisdom and wonder that is themselves, and the virtues of importing ‘skilled migrant workers’ because it is more cost effective than training Australians to do the same job.

With one arm around the shoulders of Queensland premier, Campbell Newman, stretched to encompass the by-election hopeful Dr Glasson (Vote Terri Butler for Griffith), and the other hand reaching for Tasmanian Liberal, Will Hodgman, Abbotts tentacles appear to be everywhere. Don’t let it happen.

Vote Terri Butler for Griffith - Send Tony Abbott a Message
Vote Terri Butler for Griffith: Keep Australia moving forward. Bring back Labor

If you are in any doubt about the dangers of electing a Liberal premier for Tasmania, just have a look back at this time-line of events that I have continued to maintain. A chronology for future reference about the dire situation Australia now finds its self in, under an Abbott led, Liberal government.

Lara Giddings, Premier of Tasmania

Vote Lara Giddings for Labor in Tasmania because it is the way forward for Tasmanians.

Lara Giddings has heart and she has strength. Her leadership has kept Tasmania running since 2011 and I believe Lara deserves another 3-4 years to do the job she is paid to do, and the job she loves to do, to care for the people of Tasmania, economically, environmentally and socially.

With a Labor led Tasmania, Tasmanians will come first, all of us…



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