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What is a Representational Democracy: a Mandate – the 48 Laws of Power

The Abbott government constantly abuses our senses with repetitive dribble like ‘we have a mandate’ for a number of reasons, to which I will explain after this brief take on what is a ‘Representational Democracy,’ because that is what Australian politics is supposed to be about. Politicians are supposed to represent YOU.


Are you feeling represented by your local politician? I certainly am not.

  • Australian politics has become about power, who has it, who wants it and what they want to do with it once they have it.
  • We know, by their actions, that the Abbott government wanted it, it now has it but doesn’t really know what to do with it.
  • Its like Abbott reads Robert Greene’s ’48 Laws of Power (Source PDF)’, amongst other Robert Greene literature, like a bible, and although follows each step to the micro, is unable to manifest the results that he believes he should be getting on the macro.

    Lets face it, Robert Greene wrote for a specific demographic, so those wanting to be a part of that demographic, but do not have the ability to contain ‘themselves’ will take the power to places that it was not designed for. Greene’s work is not for every one, obviously.

    So, what ‘mandate’ does the Abbott government have and why do they continuously bombard us with this rhetoric. Well ‘law 3 on page 16 of Robert Greene’s ’48 Laws of Power (Source PDF), helps us to identify how the Abbott power hungers might be thinking and why they are doing what they are doing:

  • Law 3, page 16: Conceal your intentions – keep people off balance and in the dark never revealing the purpose behind your actions
  • Law 4, page 31: – Always say less than necessary – when you are trying to impress people with words, the more you say, the more common you appear and the less in control
  • And my favorite, the one we are seeing at the moment due to the absence of any policy by this government, is:

  • law 7, page 36: – get others to do the work for you, but always take the credit – use the wisdom, knowledge and legwork of other people to further your own cause
  • What policies has the Abbott government put forward, what have they legislated, nothing.

    They are in the process of trying to undermine other leaders in an effort to have them provide answers for them, to provide policy for the Liberal party because the Abbott government know that Labor make good policy that stays the distance, the Greens are popular and their policies appeal to a majority of the voting public and now PUP, they’re new and impressionable, the 48 Laws of power efforts by the Abbott government might just reveal themselves with the Abbott ministers vying for their votes in the senate.

  • Law 11, page 82 says; learn to keep people dependent on you – the more you are relied on, the more freedom you have
  • The only mandate that politicians have in Australia, is the mandate to represent the people in their electorate. However;

  • Law 12, page 59 – relates: use selective honesty and generosity to disarm your victims, noting that ‘one sincere and honest move will cover over dozens of dishonest ones
  • Tony Abbott has said countless times that ‘its better to ask forgiveness than permission’, so the question must be asked, what is Tony Abbott going to ask forgiveness for? To make such a statement infers that he will do something, or things, that require the forgiveness of a nation, so what is the Abbott government going to do that requires such an act?

  • Law 17, page 123 – keep others in suspended terror: cultivate an air of unpredictability – humans are creatures with a need of familiarity in other peoples actions, your predictability gives them a sense of control.
  • Law 27, page 215 – play on peoples need to believe to create a cult like following
  • Now law 27 might not be working for Abbott, but is for someone else.

  • Law 39, page 325 – stir up waters to catch fish
  • I watched last weeks Q&A last night and I noticed how the Neo-Liberals are grasping hold of Labor on their way down. Its not Labors place to provide the LNP with answers, with policy, they are the opposition and the government must produce policy. I have noticed lately that due to the LNPs slide down the razor blade, they are trying to take Labor with them. They are doing this because they want the voting public to hate Labor so that they might claw some seats back in the polls. Its all a game for them, the Australian people have become their pawns. The LNP want the Australian people to go to the polls blaming Labor for the woes and terrors that the Abbott government have bought down upon us, they are stirring up waters to catch fish.

  • Law 48, page 419 – Assume formlessness – by taking a shape, by having a visible plan, you open yourself up to attack.
  • Well, the Abbott government appear to be going for law 48, they have nothing, they provide nothing so that the workplace abuse heaped upon Julia Gillard by the now government cannot be mirrored back upon them, but more than that, they want the Australian voters to go to the polls knowing absolutely nothing about Tony Abbott except that everything that he and his party say and do, are lies. That would be;

  • Law 44, page 376 – disarm and infuriate with the mirror effect – the mirror reflects reality, but is also the perfect tool for deception.
  • So whilst you know you are being lied to, you are being treated like mushrooms, the BS is so thick from the LNP side of politics, that you cannot see the trees for the leaves.

  • Have you been informed about anything by the Abbott government?
  • Have they included the Australian voter in their plans to completely annihilate our reputation, nationally, globally, regionally?
  • Have they a mandate on your behalf to do what they have been doing?
  • Do you like not knowing what your representational politicians are doing in your name?
  • They are trying to put their stink, their failures onto Labor so that when YOU go back to the polls, you again only know the ‘bad’ things about Labor that the Abbott government has told you and absolutely nothing about the Abbott government. Its not fact, in fact its all lies, but if they can glamor enough people into believing the lie long enough to scrape through bad policy, bad governance or god forbid another election, then law 48, the brass ring, and their contrived mandates will prevail.

    The politician sitting in parliament that is your local member MUST represent YOU.

    You might have voted ‘Liberal’ at the last election, but your vote only counts towards the member running in your electorate.

    You hired them to represent YOU in parliament, they must work for you.

    Tony Abbott, although sitting PM at the moment, still must represent the people of his electorate, he must stand for their best interests as well as chair over other representatives that won their seat in their electorate at the 2013 election.

    Its simple made complicated.

  • Know your rights,
  • know how the electorates work,
  • know you local representative
  • If you do not like something that is being done in YOUR NAME, make it known to your representative that you do not like it, become proactive, know your rights.


    Robert Greene’s ’48 Laws of Power (Source PDF)


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