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We want them to be “fair dinkum,” says Joe Hockey

How to use and abuse Australianisms in 12 easy weeks.

Joe Hockey calls for Holden to ‘come clean’ over future in Australia

The LNP have abused the crap out of the Australianism: “fair dinkum.” It now holds as much weight as the term: “I love you.”

The LNP have not been content with destroying the joint with shoddy policy and politics, they have dug deep into the Australian psyche, ripped out any stereotypical Australian ‘Idioms’ they can find, in attempts to endear themselves to the ‘everyday’ Australian, much to our dismay.

It appears that the ‘Glossary of Australian Slang, Idioms & Aussie Lingo’ is on their speed dials.

When in a sticky situation, they simply press ‘help me’ for a quick, and most times inappropriate use of Australian slang, in an attempt to diffuse a situation of their making, through an unsuitable use of the first Australianism that is revealed to them via the new ‘Glossary of Australian Slang, Idioms & Aussie Lingo’ App.

So when Joe Hockey, the Liberal National Parties Treasurer says: We want them to be “fair dinkum,” in relation to the Holden debacle, I once again say to the LNP: [youtube][/youtube]



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