Australian Politics Nah… The Government Wouldn’t Do That!

We Might – Just Watch this Space says Turnbull

“I think it is very likely there will be a conscience vote agreed to by the Coalition party room (Malcom Turbull, 2013)” in relation to the same sex marriage bill.

Things must be going pretty damn badly for the Coalition, for the most regimental conservative political party that Australia has had the most unfortunate and inauspicious displeasure, of not only observing, but also participating with, that it now resorts to dangling the same sex marriage bill like a carrot in front of the noses of those seeking its legislation. A government headed by Tony Abbott, a man who is able to inflict his will upon the people of Australia, his ideologies, and Turnbull is asking Australians to ‘Watch this Space’ because ‘it’s very likely there will be a conscience vote agreed to by the Coalition party room.’

Australians rights to the same rights are being held to ransom by political ideologies. We are not criminals held beneath the supervision of a regional Protector, we are living, breathing, thinking human beings with the right to the same rights as everyone else. If Joe desires to marry Harry, then who is Abbott to say that they do not have that right. The courts also hold same sex couples to ransom. Its time to let go.

“New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada and now about a third of the United States have given the same rights to all.”

Same sex couples should not have to have their relationships held on a knifes edge, to be decided upon by a transitional PM at best, and a court system that is in serious decline, as the over crowding/population of the Victorian prison system demonstrates.

Something is seriously wrong in Australia, and with so many things pulling Australia apart at the seams, it appears that a nation that stops to divide and separate, to picket a court house where people, just people like you and me, are still fighting for the same rights as everyone else, that something undesirable is occurring in Australia. This fight against the rights of all to marriage, is led by a people who believe that a godhead and biblical scriptures, that has been borrowed from middle eastern history, are law.

European history hails from paganism, and many religious practices were stolen from pagan rituals, and then the pagan worshipers were slaughtered b y the then christains. But its OK, their rituals have lived on and made ‘religion’ a very wealthy prospect indeed.

“As to whether that would result in the bill being passed, it’s probably a bit early to say because the new Parliament, there’s a lot of new members, says Turnbull.

Timeline: Same-sex marriage in Australia

  • Tuesday, October 2: The ACT’s Marriage Equality Bill passes the ACT Legislative Assembly.
  • Wednesday, December 4: The High Court reserves its decision on the Commonwealth’s challenge to ACT’s same-sex marriage laws.
  • Saturday, December 7: Australia’s first ever same-sex marriages take place in Canberra. The ACT Government says 46 same-sex couples have lodged papers to get married.
  • Thursday, December 12: The High Court rules the ACT’s same-sex marriage laws are inconsistent with the Federal Marriage Act and are therefore unconstitutional.
  • What dark times for Australia. Malcolm Turnbull has fronted this bill for the LNP because he is about the only front bencher left that many people can stand. Christopher Pyne became the most hated man in Australia recently, through his hacking of the Gonski Reform packages, Julie Bishop only leaves Australia to start conflicts, George Brandis champions ASIOS antics to protect ‘Put ya Dukes up Downer’, and Tony Abbott is busy increasing the unemployment levels. And lets not forget the under-employment levels that are around 11.5%.

    Under-employment refers to people who can only obtain part-time or casual work, and must rely on centrelink to supplement their payments, its a Howard era thing, you might not know about it. Just stop by the Australian Bureau of Statistics for a look see.

    Under-employment seeks to deflate the unemployment levels by sharing jobs. A small business owner can hire up to 6-10 staff. They can do this by giving each staff member between 4 and 8 hours work a week. Because the worker is part-time or casual, no sick days, loadings or holiday pay is payable by the employer. Most employers who do employ people like this will inform the eager new employee that they are not covered by workers compensation either, and that is incorrect.

    Under-employment fakes economic growth in Australia because unemployment levels drop, even though 11.5% of those employed are still reliant on the government to supplement their wage. They are also put under extreme pressure by the government to find full-time work whilst they already have a job that is sanctioned by the ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’ unemployment/employment system we have in Australia.

    So when the Liberal government gifted $10b to the RBA, they were putting pressure on the ‘every wo(man)’ to work more than one part time/casual job to get off the Howard initiated Under-employment merry-go-round. Malcolm Turnbull fronting for the Liberals on same sex marriage speaks volumes.



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