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Voting for the Liberal National Party is the definition of insanity

The Constant Whiner… by Yuric Assid

I cannot help but laugh…several years ago, friends from Dee Why (located in the leafier upper north of Sydney) gave me a lecture on the perils of the Labor party and its reckless mismanagement of the economy…When Rudd and Swan came to power and started cleaning up after Howard and Costello and they swiftly introduced measures to cut off the worst of the economic decay, which allowed the country to ride out the worst of that fiscal storm…the friends from Dee Why decried their decision as ‘reckless in the extreme’.

At the time, I noted with more than a passing interest that as soon as the Rudd government rolled out their nation saving stimulus policy, those friends from the leafy upper north, were among the first people in line with their palm outstretched to receive their one off payment – which they happily spent without any qualms.

But from that point on, all throughout Rudd and then Gillard’s tenure it was whine, whine, whine…unemployment was on its way down, the economy was picking up, things were improving, but this had nothing to do with Swan or the Labor party…it was entirely due to Peter Costello. The small army of international economists and fiscal experts who attributed our success to Swan’s good sense and stewardship, were imbeciles…Australia’s success was nothing to do with him according to the friends from Dee Why and they argued repeatedly that the working class couldn’t run a chook raffle…Labor is a den of Union iniquity and not to be trusted.

I was talking with these same friends only a few days ago, almost three years into their Conservative utopia and the poor buggers are shell shocked at their own sides flagrant destruction of our social services, mismanagement of the public purse and their plans to make life even harder for pensioners and the low paid.

The constant dipping into the public purse by the likes of Bishop, Pyne, Roy and others of the conservative cloth, while the head of the government instructs the nation of ‘tough cuts and belt tightening’ was mind numbing eye opener…

The mate (who is in his eighties and battling poor health) went to see his doctor of sixteen years for a check up (a few weeks ago) and came away feeling sicker than when he went in. For the past sixteen years his consultations with that doctor have been bulk billed under Medicare, but at that last visit, his G.P asked “How will you be paying for this?” – the mate answered, “Through Medicare as always?” to wit the doctor replied “I’m sorry, but we are going to need you to start paying for these consults.” – they charged him $65.00 for a fifteen minute visit, which he redeemed less than half through Medicare…he thought he would move to his wife’s practice, as they still bulk bill for some patients at the moment, but their books are full…so the mate has been locked out to face the brunt of the Liberal erosion of the services that Labor introduced and that the public has come to take for granted.

In a further shock, he discovered that some of his medicines are no longer covered by the PBS. He has even more out of pocket expenses eroding his meager pension.

And now (thanks to Mike Baird and his partial privatization of the electricity sector) the mate and his wife are fearful of their power bills going through the roof…they voted for it and now they are worried sick that it is going to put them at a disadvantage…I warned them long ago, to beware of what they sow, less they reap a bitter harvest. It is now proving highly unpalatable.
I took the opportunity to let them know that it isn’t just doctors fees that are being targeted, as of July Pathology and most Radiology will not be covered under Medicare either – and it will only get worse if the Turnbull rabble get back in and start privatizing Medicare (as has been their long held dream – the conservative NIRVANA…a user pay society)…as we talked and the conversation moved to other things (such as the high cost of living today) they stated that they hadn’t heard that the foreign debt has blown out to over a trillion and that domestic debt has tripled to well over twenty four billion, under Hockey, Corman and now Morrison.
Naturally they started to say that it was inherited debt, but were promptly reminded that Abbott wilfully allocated hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars to the search for a plane that had very little to do with Australia’s interest (other than making us look good and big hearted to a global audience), Bronwyn Bishop’s use of the tax payers contributed to some of that debt, as did the spending practices of the other Bishop. Pyne also used the tax payers to take his family to England. Then there was the 68 million dollar royal commission to try and root out Union corruption (getting the public to look the other way, while members of their party wilfully abused the public purse in other ways…like the former Victorian Liberal director who recently fronted court charged with $15 million dollars worth of fraud).

All of our politicians are ‘career politicians’, none of them live in the real world…but of the two major political forces in this country, Labor is the lesser of the two evils and everyone seems to prosper when they are at the helm and the community receives a direct boost through direct investment…the ALP generally delivers policy and programs that benefit the majority going forward, they create the public owned infrastructure, that generates revenue to the benefit of the whole country …then the conservatives get elected (as now) and they immediately start selling off the furniture, moving the wealth away from the many, into the hands of the minority and the cost of living rises accordingly…and as now, with the erosion of Medicare and its services, I laugh to observe that those who voted for the Liberals – burdening the country with the invasive negative changes, whine the loudest…

Therefore, Voting for the Liberal National Party is the definition of insanity.


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