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Tony and his Cronies

I have a saying about marriage: Marriage is the commercialisation of a product that is pre-packaged, has its own set of instructions and was created to be a retail product for a medium of exchange by confused men who believed in their own superiority over women (JMO).

Of all the atrocities that this conservative governance has tried to, or is trying to enact, I would have to say that their intrusion into how we live our lives is the most revealing. How dare they stick their noses into whether or not someone chooses to divorce buy (deliberate spelling here) offering $200 for couples counseling, such a xristain (deliberate spelling here) thing to enforce.

Their $10000 to employers to hire a worker aged 50 or older amongst other actions, are personal intrusions of the worst kind.

It takes a special person to be able to take an entire country, rip it up buy its roots and with one almighty, yet completely fallible swoop, tear its foundations down until it is no longer recognisable. I don’t know about you, but when they started talks about a ‘Federation white paper (Source)’, I was shocked, but once I took another look at who had scraped through at that last election, I was not surprised.

The Abbott government are putting their stink on everything. Tony Abbott doesn’t want to be known as the infrastructure prime minister, he wants to be king!

Tony and his Cronies began with regional powers, Bishop was sent out to cause problems with the Asia Pacific region, with Australias closest friends and allies because Abbott wants power over everything and so the resulting turmoil and chaos is leading to new agreements with our neighbours all with Abbott and Bishops stink on them.

Scott Morrison was allocated the alienation of all Middle Eastern, Asian, African and Indian countries buy criminalising and imprisoning people seeking safety from Australia, and he has done his job well. He wears a sneer and a smirk as reporters and government officials try to leaver open his taught, thin lips with a crowbar trying to find out the truth of things, even though they know it will be all lies when he does speak. He loves the power also.

An article by Victor Lipman in Forbes magazine has some interesting depictions discussed in the article: The Disturbing Link Between Psychopathy And Leadership (Source), a study by Paul Babiak, Robert Hare and Craig Neumann into psychopathy was performed in 2010 on 203 individuals. The research showed that;

approximately 3% of those assessed in this management development program study scored in the psychopath range – well above the incidence of 1% in the general population. By comparison, the incidence of psychopathy in prison populations is estimated at around 15% (Source).

This description reveals all those attributes you were seeing and elucidates any confusion or ambiguity you might have been experiencing in relation to a Catholic front bench.

“The hallmarks of the psychopathic personality involve egocentric, grandiose behavior, completely lacking empathy and conscience. Additionally, psychopaths may be charismatic, charming, and adept at manipulating one-on-one interactions. In a corporation, one’s ability to advance is determined in large measure by a person’s ability to favorably impress his or her direct manager. Unfortunately, certain of these psychopathic qualities – in particular charm, charisma, grandiosity (which can be mistaken for vision or confidence) and the ability to “perform” convincingly in one-on-one settings – are also qualities that can help one get ahead in the business world (Source).”

So, Australians, all of us, have been sick and scared about our, and our families futures, from babies to the aged, all of us are coalition targets that Abbott wants to put his stink all over. We have to trust that the Independents that have aligned with PUP maintain their place and know their rights to crossing the floor, or saying ‘NO’ when they themselves do not want to pass these atrocious acts through the senate.

In less than a year, the Abbott government has made Australia and Australians hated by a large portion of the global community. Where we once wore our hearts on our sleeves, we now wallow in a mire of the coalitions creation.

There has been an enforcement of Xristain values upon all in a climate where institutional child sexual abuse (Source) is revealing the stink of church, especially catholics in Australia (Source). It has been said that Tony Abbott himself went to bat for a priest accused of Paedophilia, Brother Nestor, but I have not found one reliable source to back that allegation up. Its quite possible that he has, because Tony Abbott is ‘deeply’ religious.

So, should religion be forced upon all Australians according to the catholic front benches ideologies? NO!

Julia Gillard did not enforce atheism upon Australians and do you know why? Its because atheists are happy in themselves, their not made to feel guilty… about anything, and they are not expected to force THEIR belief in YOUR right to be who ever you are or want to be. Religion does that.

Abbott and his Cronies are trying to put their stink on absolutely everything because the coalition are not ever remembered for any good policy that goes the distance, Labor does that after they clean up the LNPs mess. With Abbotts federation white paper mischief, does that mean that sovereign states can secede from Australia, stop sending their taxes to Canberra and become their own countries? Its just a dream, Abbott and his cronies have seen to the death of industry in Australia and with the losses of so many jobs, they’re just not getting the taxes they used to get. So when they repeal the carbon and mining taxes, how will Australia survive, how will Liberal governance survive? Print more money maybe?



P.S. Spelling ‘errors’ are intentional, their meaning relates more depth to the argument. You have no idea how much I want to swear, rant and rave but don’t!


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