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This is a brief outline- Australia over Xmas

This is a brief outline of events occurring in Australia while we are all getting fat and happy.

There has been discussion by doctors, who have maintained the fact that with the introduction of the new doctors fee required to be paid by patients, emergency centres will be inundated with patients who cannot afford to go to their doctor. The response to this horrific outcome from the government has been, ‘well we will just have to apply the fee to emergency centres also.’

Obviously lacking any heart at all, this response only reveals that money over life is the main theme to the Abbott government. If you continue to complain about having to make savings, and you continue to be party to large factory closures, job destruction rather than creation, mass sackings thereby creating a welfare state reliant on government hand outs, because the government has ensured that this is occurring, then stop the big spending on crap.

Why does the Abbott government require imported BMWs?
Why does the Abbott government need import BMWs for visitors to Australia next year for the G20?
Why did the Abbott government gift the RBA $9.9 billion?
Why sack 12000 public service workers?
Why pay $3000 a week for a perfectly good home lease for the PM that he refuses to live in?

Its all an illusion. Abbott lives in the police dongers to provide an illusion to the Australian people that he is a ‘wise’ PM when it comes to spending, but then he gifts the RBA $9.9 billion, spends tax payer monies to import a new fleet of BMWs for the Liberal government, not to mention all the other big spending that the Abbott government has done. All in 100 days. The thousands upon thousands of people that have lost their jobs, can be directly attributed to the Abbott governments actions or lack thereof.

And the new why….

Why has the heartless SPC sacked workers over the xmas/new year break?

Cannery SPC Ardmona sacks 73 workers – ABC Rural

The Victorian fruit cannery SPC Ardmona will sack 73 maintenance workers from three of its factories. Damien King, from the Electrical Trades Union, says the announcement was a shock for staff.

Because they are trying to squeeze money out of a government that will not support the worker, that will not support acts of ransom by a mid to large corporation, and SPC have done this because, and I am not even sure if he is aware of this, it may well be part of his make up which is worse, Abbott insults small to mid sized company management. From the sole trader to the mid sized corporations, through barely veiled attacks and insulting barbs such as:’its due to ineffective management.’ This is unhelpful and like the Holden debacle, SPC will leave Australia thanks to both the Abbott government and themselves.

You can’t effectively run a country by shutting it down at the worker level. By maintaining wealth for the wealthy, you only portray a conceited perception towards the Australian voter and small to mid companies requiring assistance are testing you, because they see your massive spending whilst you proclaim that there needs to be massive cuts to spending and all the while the worker is once more trapped between a government that does not care about them and corporations who only want their cut of the Abbott pie.

Abbott wanted to be known as the ‘Infrastructure Prime Minister,’ how did he suppose to become that when from the beginning he has done nothing for the Australian worker except shut down manufacturing in Australia for good. Then those Australians affected by these shut downs are penalised and criminalised through the welfare and work for the dole programs Abbott intends for Australians. Whilst the Liberals are at it, whilst they are destroying the prospect of work for Australians, they are upping the retirement age thereby placing more people seeking work out into a climate that has no work to provide to them.

A government in turmoil is seeking to create agitation and uncertainty across the country. Absolute confusion, absolutely.



Abbott Could Save Holden – But he Won’t – by JMO • December 9, 2013

AMA calls for Medicare rebate freeze to be reversed as consultation fee rise looms

Updated Wed 16 Oct 2013

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) says patients will soon pay more to see a doctor because of the federal freeze on the Medicare rebate.

The AMA is advising GPs to increase the cost of a standard appointment by $2 from November, meaning a consultation lasting up to 20 minutes would cost $73.

Australian Medical Association criticises proposal for up-front general practitioner fee.

Video: Co-payment system for GP visits considered by medical system review. (7pm TV News NSW)

A proposal to introduce an up-front $6 fee to visit a general practitioner has been criticised by the Australian Medical Association (AMA).

The Federal Government says the new fee is one of several recommendations currently on the table but no decisions have been made.

“The government has committed to funding in health and to making sure our health system is sustainable and accessible into the future,” Health Minister Peter Dutton said in a statement.

“We won’t be commenting on speculation around what the Commission of Audit may or may not recommend.

“The Commission’s work is still being compiled and will be provided to the Government in 2014.”

Anything that dissuades people from being at their GP, getting good advice, keeping those chronic diseases in check and staying well, would be a concern.
Dr Steve Hambleton, AMA president

But the AMA says the plan would discourage people from visiting a doctor if they are sick.

“There’s clearly a need to rein in costs, but I think this may not be the area they do want to look at,” AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton said.

“There are plenty of people now who actually have to choose, ‘Do I go to the doctor? Do I get a prescription?’

“If they had to choose again because there was more money required to actually access healthcare, we may find people not going to the doctor who need to go.”


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