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They’ve Lost Their Way – Me Tooisms still lead them by the nose

They've Lost Their Way
They’ve Lost Their Way

The Liberal National Party require an enemy to fight, where there is no enemy, they create one.

The LNP do not know how to govern any other way.

They only know how to attack, and those they deem less than themselves receive lip service from the LNP whilst the LNP lop off our legs at the knees.

They intentionally hobble the Australian people, first through the fear of their intentions, served through their words and then through the intense terror of their actions.

The Australian Labor party must lift their game because every-time they nod in agreement to the smallest perceived victory, they give their acquiescence to the much larger atrocities.

The ALP seem to require new glasses… because they keep missing the bigger picture….

Stop giving the LNP ‘in principle agreements’, if you fear losing the next election because you do not play the ‘me tooism’ game, then you will lose.

Stop playing me tooisms because right thinking Australian’s don’t want the same dog different leg, we want different.

Stand up and be counted for what you truly stand for regardless of the LNPs threats, the Murdoch media intimidations and allegations, the racist rants and bigotries by LNP MPs when the you (ALP) do stand against their thought bubble games.

Turnbull stated after dethroning Abbott that he had to do it so that the LNP could win at the next election. Now I don’t what that means to you, but what Turnbull was saying there was this:

“Its not about a better government for the betterment of the Australian people, its about who can win and I am the best bet to win at the next federal election.”

Its not about governing any more, its about which pampered propped up little pratt can beat another pampered propped up little pratt at a federal election, and we, the Australian people, are the dice, that’s all.

Our role is to make a selection from two persons preselected by their own parties, we don’t even get an opportunity to select who we want to represent us, to represent Australia, and every 3-4 years two ‘men’ step forward, bend over, grab a piece of dirt, rub it on their knees and tell us they understand the worker. They then take hold of the Australian population for a month or so, blow their hot wind on us, and then toss us into polling booths to see which pratt wins the contest to become Prime Minister of Australia.

Its a game gone too far and it must be stopped now.

The people will use the senate to ensure that these two powerful political parties are held to account. The more me tooisms, the more likely that these power players will lose more seats in the senate and in their places will be real Australians keeping all the bastards honest.

In the parliament their will be more independents.

Australian governance has lost its way, its time for the people to drop bread crumbs to show them the way back.

As always, this is JMO


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