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The Screamings in my Head

The transcript: or something pretty close to it … lol

I was watching the horrendous morning news, almost choking on my coffee as our illustrious leader pontificated about the world, his mouth was moving, but only the crickets where home… and this is what I actually heard him say, think etc at his breakfast table as Giles dishes up bum nuts on toast …

This is Tony Abbott and what I hear in my head just beneath the screaming…..

“What do ya think Margie, policing, what band wagon do I hitch my waning political career to today?

(flicks through news paper)

I know, here, here, here, the ABC Marges, the ABC revealed a story last night..

No I can’t refer to it as a story,

The ABC highlighted an endemic fracas within the ecological confines of the Australian, the Australian, intergenerational psyche Marges, policing, this is a nationalistic, a national, nation, Australian national emanation
national x 3 procession of denigrated, disenfranchised youth and this government, policing, my government, this Liberal National Party, police, my state, my nation, nation, nationalistic outlook for the flaying future of Australia, police, this great state of NSW… yes, I will take my thunderbox Margie to NSW and deliver this very important police matter, about the nation Margie, the nation police nation that has an extreme budgetary emergency ebbing away at the viability of available funds set aside each year for ministerial primes and their, hehehe, my benchers Margie my benches, budget blowout policing a national emergence of the aborticide narcotic, ice.

Whataya reckon Margie, do ya think it will fly?

We have been left with a vertex budgetary emergency national policing response, ensuring that I, Tony Abbott (like Matt Damon), that my nationalistic statism brings about a reckoning of deficit each and every time I leave the confines of my home, police. This hyperbolised disinformed debt and deficit budgetary emergency is sabotage, sabotage, sabotage at an intergenerational level, the intergenerational report all but says as much. Now, where’s that federation white paper Margie…

I’m sure the coffee ring could pass the senate if it were not held to ransom by those democratically elected senators, those hostile ferals of the untamed absent mindedness as yet another state of layabouts, dole bludgers and workers Margie… tsk I have ta say Margie representing that class of Australian, that working class, is an intergenerational prolapse of my right to rule, police, the state, nationalism, that’s just un-Australian Margie… penalty rates, the bane of my existence.. oh poor Bishop, I knew her well…. Well it wasn’t me who increased the debt and deficit disaster since I won magnificently at the 2013 election, no, no, no, no, no, I am the head, only the body misbehaves Margie and its been very naughty!

Now… oooo here HAHAHAHA I think I will infringe upon the copyrights of the individual whilst I am in NSW, they’re not up for an election for another 4-yrs. I will say to the little man, here little man, take this wonderful new toy that lets you watch what you want, when you want it, policing… no do not worry little man, you are able to utilise this new toy for a decade before the reaper seeks your soul…. Your soul? No I mean…. your home…. No not your home either…

We’ve stopped the boats, we got rid of the carbon tax, debt, deficit, sabotage, intergenerational, hostile senate, police, copyright infringement, 18C freedom to be a bigot act, so little man, whilst I strip you of your right to freely download content from the internet, I give to you the right to be a bigot… checks and balances Hocks would say, checks and balances.

Pass us a cigar Margie.”


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