The Most Vulnerable – Heres an Idea

An idea for the Liberal national Party who are viewing a hack job to those receiving disability. The disabled should not be penalised for their inability to function in the same manner as other people.

Instead of forcing people who cannot cope in the outdoors, in busy cities, with loud noises, with obstacles set to ensure panic, anxiety, the fright flight response, amongst other difficulties experienced by many in this high paced, highly perilous environment, maybe the government could look at providing government, call centre, office jobs to those able to work from home.

Provide disabled persons with a computer set for the job, the Internet required to make it happen and instead of traumatising many already damaged persons from workplace accidents, genetic heredities and unexpected illnesses, provide the safety they require, the safety of their own homes and the dignity of earning a good wage for performing a job with all the wonderful technological advancements that now flood the planet.

I do not advocate this as a work for the dole setup, as the disabled already fight to survive on the amount provided by the government. I am suggesting that persons with a disability, able to work from home and unable to function away from it, should be paid exactly how much a call centre worker for instance ($35-39 an hour), would obtain for their hours, minutes, seconds of their lives provided to an employer in exchange for a wage.

I do not see why this is not a viable option. Many able bodied people work at home, why can’t those who suffer with a social phobia or injuries that limit their ability to perform as well as others, who have computer skills and a telephone voice, receive the same treatment? This way, you do not traumatise anyone, you provide a job for many who are unable to leave their homes or function outside of it and you also then loosen up the weight on public purse.

This of course would require a government department that would find jobs for the disabled to work from home, with this same department working to protect the disabled from being ripped off by businesses participating in the project.



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