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The Canning WA By-Election

I am not trying to speak ill of the dead, however, Tony Abbott’s statement that: “Don Randall would approve of Mr Hastie (Source)”, does not hold much weight due to Mr. Randall’s questionable rorting activities in 2013.

During the 2010 federal election, Don Randall saw a reduction in his overall margin to just 2.19 per cent in a battle against Alannah MacTiernan (Source).

Tony Abbott’s ‘Captains Picks’ are notoriously overstated and overwhelmingly publically outed and debated, generally not long after he has made them. Just because Tony Abbott has given Andrew Hastie a glowing recommendation, this actually means diddly squat to the people of Australia who are daily at his mercy.
Thousands of Australian men and women are sent off to fight Wars by faceless men all the time, War is not to be glorified, it is a tool held in the hands of the few, to limit and control the many, no pun intended.
It is uncouth to use military service to try and shame people into voting a certain way, I actually think that it is illegal.

More must be done for our Military men and women, past, present and future and as an SAS officer it would have been an interesting track to take the voting public, down a road that seeks the betterment of pay and conditions at home and abroad for the Aussie service personnel, but he didn’t, he went straight down the Abbott lies and intimidation line and I find this a very sad moment in Australia’s history.

There are atleast three more candidates for the seat of Canning, some who grew up in the area, some who have lived there their entire lives but all most definitely worth more of a look in than someone so willing to follow Abbott’s lead.

Its ill informed to say that this by-election will not reflect upon the Abbott government, upon Tony Abbott himself, because it does. Those who are in Australia all the time are fully aware of the atrocities that are still yet to befall us should the Abbott government win a second term. One would have thought these atrocities would be apparent to a serviceman due to the reduction in wages just before being deployed over sea’s by the Abbott government in 2014, but maybe that reduction didn’t reach an officers wage?

I would suggest to the residents of Canning, my family residing there also, to look hard at the other candidates as there are some worthy representatives that have stepped forward to represent you in federal parliament.

… but as always… this is JMO


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