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The Budget – Worse than a cup of cold green sick

Cup of Green Sick
Cup of Green Sick

Joe and Mathias laughed and smoked cigars as low ‘class’ Australians wept in fear of the destruction to come (Source).
Joe danced to the song ‘the best day of my life’ as low ‘class’ Australians shuddered in terror of what was to come (Source).
Tony and Julie hugged and smiled as low ‘class’ Australians wept and despaired at what had just happened.
Tony now reckons its ‘honestly honest’ whilst he grasps the lions share out of what just happened (Source).
The states have been trampled with federal waste so that the slums that will edge their towns, will shield Tony’s hate of his perceived lesser beings in his care after what has happened.

I never thought that there was anything worse than a cold cup of green sick. It was an unfathomable notion in my childhood years. But our/your childhoods have now been stolen, the monsters under the bed are real and before you even get to have a life, it is snatched from you as you exhale your first breath of the day.

Tony Abbott, Julie Bishop, Joe Hockey and Mathias Cormann have lifted their masks and revealed the horrors that lay beneath. Some could not see through the masks until now, others always have. Whilst they party atop the ‘undesirables’ of ‘their nation’, mums and dads wept for their children, and now weep for their own futures too (Source).

A travesty of justice has stripped Australia from Australians and gifted all to neo-liberalists all wrapped up neatly in a neoconservative bow. Clive Palmer laughingly made mention of an Abbottisms attempt of a return to slavery and it was wiped away as an inconceivable prospect (ABC Morning Show), but is it?

Tony Abbotts ‘Renewing the Social Fabric: Mutual Obligation and Work for the Dole’ ideologies reveal a modern conceptualisation of slavery granted, but his concepts and outright statements reveal that he truly does enjoy class segregation and those who receive a government pension or payment, young or old, is owned by, well him now.

Shedding their federal obligations to the states is an outrage as it is another shield operation by a very selfish government seeking to have state governments request for A rise in GST after Federal government starve the states of funding. If you take note, all the nasty bad things the Abbott government have been up to are all shielded, like shell companies used by big business as fronts so that what they are really doing is hidden behind the doors of other politicians and interest groups. They have made sure that the dirt does not stick to them, or so they believe.

They treat the Australian people like nothing, like idiots; ‘they will do as we tell them, or they will be over it before the next election’. Don’t get over it, get informed, make informed choices, remember what the Abbott government has done, is doing.

Their budget affects ALL working, disabled, aged, single parents, our children and unemployed Australians, not just a few, but all. This budget ensures that ‘we’ know our place, what Abbott does not understand is that Australians know that shit floats to the top!



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