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The Abbot Point Coal terminal expansion

The Abbot Point Coal terminal expansion

Federal Environment Minister gives the green light

How do you get from:

  • The people wanting to preserve, not only a major tourist attraction for millions of International, and national tourists.
  • The preservation of one small piece of Australia’s oceanic beauty.
  • The preservation of habitats to many species of aquatic invertebrates (mollusc’), sea urchins, and a wide variety of fish life that survive on the reefs abundance
  • And of course, form the preservation of the beauty of the reef itself.
  • Just how did this get, from the people protesting against the Abbot coals expansion to protect the Coral Reef, from an outpouring of support by the people to ensure the Coral Reefs preservation. To the more sinister and nefarious ideological view point, that these people, that are protesting against the expansion due to the possibility that it will have a detrimental effect upon the coral and other sea life, to an underlying and disturbing demonisation of protesters, by saying that they are not interested in the reef, that it is an attempt to “sabotage the coal industry” as a whole?

    This is what the CEO Michael Roche says:

    the environmental standards are strong and people protesting against the development are trying to sabotage the coal industry.

    “The most vocal opponents of the dredging are not concerned about dredging, but their objective is to shut down the coal industry,” he said.

    “They know if you can stop a port development you can effectively stop a mine, because Queensland mines require port access.”

    The Greens describe the Abbott Government’s decision to give the go-ahead for the port as ‘criminal’.

    Queensland Greens Senator Larissa Waters says:

    there’s no need to build more coal ports.

    “There’s 12 ports already in the Great Barrier Reef and only two-thirds of that port capacity is being used.”

    Stridently Australians are becoming evermore targeted as being ‘unwise,’ to borrow an Abbott loaded message, in their attempts to restrict the raping of our lands for corporate gain. Not gains for the people or even the planet, but monetary gains. With each passing Liberal government, more and more of Australia is succumbing to a strangle hold, and our resources are being stripped from the people and sold off to corporations. This needs to stop.

    There is no use becoming a prime minister, if there is nothing left to lord it over!

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    Audio: Greens describe Abbot Point expansion as ‘criminal’

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    1. Did you know that – Reefs usually develop in areas that have a lot of wave action because the waves bring in food, nutrients and oxygen to the reef?

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