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The 2016 Federal Election – Let’s Take Australia Back

The Privileged

The 2016 election is nearing, it’s time to take your whinges and convert them into votes that will ensure a better future for you and your children.

After the 2016 election one of two parties will be in government, Labor (ALP), or the Liberal National coalition (LNP).

It has been suggested that the Greens (GRNs) are seeking to preference the LNP at the up-coming election.

An article just released has Richard Di Natale (the new GRNs leader) informing GQ magazine (Gentlemen’s Quarterly) that it is ‘his hope that the GRNs will eventually form a coalition with the LNP, although there are too many in the GRNs party to vote against such a deal at the moment’.

Be careful where your votes go and knowing that either the ALP or the LNP will be the governing party after the last counts of the 2016 election…

well, for a better future for my children and theirs, and of course for myself…. I will vote ALP even though they have moved to the right of the political spectrum, they have a lot that they must live up to, as in reinstating the full Medicare and bulk billing at doctors surgeries, rebates on essential medicines required by our sick and dying.

The ALP have an opportunity to bring some dignity back to Australia, the ALP are the only party that can ensure our international reputation has a hope of restoration. It is my hope that the ALP government can cease the inevitable War that the ‘coalition of the willing’ are setting Western countries up for.

Conservatism has learned nothing from the past, in fact for the most part, where they can, they have altered past events to reflect their future goals.

So…. Vote 1 ALP at the 2016 election and let OUR democratic voice take Australia back!


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