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Social change is occurring globally where do you stand?

There’s a well honed tactic, utilised by many governments around the globe, where small groups of government ‘approved’ protesters infiltrate peaceful protests with aims to turn protests violent, so that ‘activism’s’, that have provided the people with their only right left, their right to protest, whether that is through withholding their service in the workplace, or if they are protesting FOR peace, can be demonised, or is it ‘terrorised’ these day?, to further oppressors, governments, regimes amongst other controlling forces sanctification for the use of evil, to use a dualistic approach to the topic.

There are power words also used to either incite or control such as the use of ‘unpatriotic’, or ‘un-Australian’ or other such devious ploys to control the will of the people. these words are used to instil fear into the ‘hearts and minds’ of the global population to control the message, whatever that message is.

The 48 Laws of Power

Now we have social media that is utilised to the fullest extent by governing/controlling powers, to propagandise and control the will of a global people. If you are amidst a rolling twitter feed and everyone on your feed agrees with, or is of the same mind as you, twits can slip through, twits that appear to be in the same vain as the discussion but hold a twist that when actually read and re-read can reveal a very different message than the one you thought you were re-tweeting on the surface. Word play is very big. I took on a twitter troll 2-weeks ago and won, but only knew it was a troll after I slipped in a couple of ‘on topic’ accusations that the troll did not deny, but defended and at that point, they knew they had been outed and left.

My feeds are political and it was an opposition political intrusion into my twitter world defending the actions of some very hostile and dangerous persons from the other side of politics. If I had not questioned the tweet trying to pass through to my feed, then it would have gone unnoticed long enough to contaminate the messages of those acting in defence of others.

These ploys are utilised to attempt to enact social change by grabbing your will at your most vulnerable and making you, their message board. Social media is alight at the moment with activists for world peace and there are some very clumsy attempts to take this global activism and turn the message in favour of the oppressors, it is failing, with an Israeli military person, high in the ranks tweeting, ‘just shut up’ and Netanyahu tweeted something a little better but it was in the same vein.

Much like Abbottism has been effecting social change in Australia, it has almost all Australians activating together on the same things. What is occurring in Gaza is affecting global social change and whether we want to or not, we are a part of this alteration to the global change that is occurring. We are either activists for peace, activists for war, activists for aid, activists for change, good/bad & ugly…

If we do nothing, we are complicit in another act of genocide, if we do something, then we need to make sure that at the end of this genocide, we are part of where we wanted to be and not dragged into a new historical tragedy that effected social changes that destroyed the world as we know/knew it.

If you believe the propaganda, then do you also believe that with the US re-stocking ammunition and other explosives, and providing 43-million I think, in aid to Israel, to the Israeli government and military is the right thing to do? Do YOU really believe that the Palestinians in Gaza are using their children and wives, their elderly and disabled, as shields like Israel has done so many times in the past?

There’s a few things floating around the twitesphere about the atrocious acts of terror emanating from the Israeli government and Military (Most are young men and women ordered to act in this capacity – no choice ), many images of children blown apart, many stay in my head with the last one that I saw being a grieving Palestinian father holding up above his head as he wept and screamed, half of his 7-year old sons body. The other half had been blown away. Or the 11 year old boy, holding his baby brother up against him with one hand, sobbing in what was at that time still a standing and functioning hospital, calling out ‘please save my little brother’ whilst his other hand held a towel to the side of his own head, holding his brains in.

I am sorry if you are offended by the details or by the images infiltrating the social sphere on the internet and news shows, but these things are occurring right now and the longer our governments make stupid comments such as ‘Israel has a right to exist’, or resupplying their weaponry and explosives to continue the genocide, rather than putting a stop to it, and supplying monetary aid to an oppressor, and not to the oppressed. I have tried to reveal a peek into the slaughter that is occurring as we all sit around our computers and eat our three meals a day.

A massive social change is being effected in the world at this very moment. I wasn’t around for the prelude to WWI & WWII so I cannot say with experience that this is what it felt like, but I have this overwhelming sensation that this/these global societal/social altercations/alterations that are occurring might well be that moment when world peace at all costs must be initiated, else our attempts at personal activism to exact change socially, globally, might well be in vain.



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