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Tony Abbott’s fancy-dress parade continues as he appears in public in lycra bike shorts – Phillip Hudson Herald Sun February 10, 2010

TONY Abbott’s fancy-dress parade continued when he appeared before the cameras in Lycra bike shorts to promote a fundraising ride – and invited Prime Minister Kevin Rudd to join him.

“If the Lycra fits, let him wear it,” the Opposition Leader quipped.

I am sure Julie reckons you look alright Tony, but theres not enough sulfuric acid in the world to remove this image from my retinas.

Tony Abbott has a credibility issue Laurie Oakes Herald Sun August 25, 2012 12:00AM

LET’s not beat about the bush. Tony Abbott tells lies. So what? Is there anything surprising about that? After all, he’s a politician. But it needs to be pointed out because the central message from Abbott supporters is that the Prime Minister is the liar – Ju-liar, in fact, according to the likes of Alan Jones (Don’t even tune into this mans new tele show to have a laugh, don’t give him the ratings).

Tony Abbott has ‘golden window’ of opportunity on indigenous recognition

Mark Leibler, who co-chaired the expert panel set up following the 2010 election to provide recommendations for constitutional change, said that as a conservative leader whose personal authority had been bolstered by a comfortable election victory, Mr Abbott was uniquely positioned to achieve the change.

”Absolutely no doubt about it – there is a golden window of opportunity with Tony Abbott as Prime Minister,” said Mr Leibler, who is now a member of the advisory board of Recognise, the campaign for recognition.

”He is sincere and dedicated to this and once we get to the point where we’ve got agreement on something, he’ll be out there, together with the Leader of the Opposition, actually out there campaigning for it, and if that happens the prospects of success have got to be pretty good,” Mr Leibler said.

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Tony Abbott promises to recognise Aborigines as nation’s first people

Kim Arlington Prime Minister Tony Abbott has promised to finalise by September a draft for amending the constitution to recognise Aboriginal people as the first Australians.

Bill Shorten says Tony Abbott is hiding plans for big cuts from Griffith voters

Mark Kenny Labor leader Bill Shorten has promised to be positive and has called on his frontbench to present the ALP as the party of ideas against a government he says is already running out of policy options.

Tony Abbott uses global stage to take a swipe at Labor over financial crisis

Mark Kenny Prime Minister Tony Abbott has used his contribution to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to criticise Labor’s stimulus spending during the global financial crisis while also calling on…

PhonyTonyAbbott – the truth about Tony Abbott

This website is intended to show the Australian public that Tony Abbott is not fit to be an MP, let alone become Prime Minister of Australia.

On this website you will find proof of Tony Abbott’s lies, deceptions and aspects of his atrocious behaviour over the years.

Although this site is about Tony Abbott, it is intended to be apolitical.

The aim of this site is not to promote one political party over another – it is here to show you the truth about Tony Abbott.

No more, no less.

Join the team, Tony Abbott tells new Aussies

Geeze, was he passing out ‘how to vote Liberal’ cards at the citizenship ceremonies?

Mr Abbott said Senator Fierravanti-Wells was explaining her family’s experiences with the importance of language.

“Yes, it is important for people to fully participate in Australia that they master our national language,” he told reporters at the national citizenship ceremony in Canberra.

“But as you can all see, there are lots of people who become Australian. From all sorts of cultures, all sorts of backgrounds.

“We don’t have any expectations on anyone except that they join the team and that they become Australian in their own way and at their own pace.”

Tony Abbott promises to recognise Aborigines as nation’s first people

Tony Abbott has promised to finalise by September a draft for amending the constitution to recognise Aboriginal people as the first Australians.

However, he warned against against rushing the changes, saying national debate was needed after the amendment was drafted to ensure it was a unifying moment in Australia’s history.

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