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With her Israeli settlements comments, Julie Bishop has tried to avoid acting as judge and jury on the issue.

Significantly, Canada’s Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has now adopted Bishop’s position of neutrality on the settlement question as a means of advancing the prospects of a negotiated peace. Bishop’s comments in no way constituted ”uncritically siding with Israel … on the issue of settlements”, as one critic alleged. Nor did the Foreign Minister diminish the significance of the settlement issue. On the contrary, she noted that ”the issue of settlements is absolutely and utterly fundamental to the negotiations that are under way”.

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Allied spying saves lives: Julie Bishop
BRENDAN NICHOLSON – The Australian – January 23, 2014 (Unless you are gong to pay for the privilege of reading this article, don’t bother thinking that the information will be free)

AUSTRALIA has urged the US not to back away from extensive joint intelligence gathering operations with its “Five Eyes” allies, saying it was vital to protect the world against terrorism.

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Israeli lawyers caution Bishop

A GROUP of eminent Israelis has urged Australia to continue to support “the international consensus” that Jewish settlements in the West Bank are illegal.

The group said it noted “with deep concern” Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s recent comments about settlements.

Julie Bishop reinvents international law in her support of Israeli settlements

International law does not allow acquiring land through the use of force. The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits Israel, as an occupying power, from directly or indirectly transferring its citizens into occupied Palestinian territory. The International Court of Justice ruled in 2004 that Israel’s settlement policy violates that convention. The Rome statute of the International Criminal Court makes Israel’s illegal settlement policy a war crime.

But Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, wants to reinvent international law and call Israeli settlements legal. Or what else was Bishop trying to accomplish by showing her support to Israeli settlements?

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Julie Bishop welcomes US intelligence reforms, lashes Edward Snowden – January 23, 2014
By Nick O’Malley

Tony Abbott has said that he remains satisfied with the robust oversight and collection management arrangements that apply to Australia’s activities,” she said.

Ms Bishop took the time to condemn Edward Snowden, whose leaks prompted America’s review, as a man who was continuing to “shamefully betray his nation while skulking in Russia”.

“Snowden claims his actions were driven by a desire for transparency, but in fact they strike at the heat of the collaboration between those nations in world affairs that stand a the forefront of protecting human freedom,” she said.

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