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Senator Ricky Muir

Theres been much conversation as to the where abouts of newly elected Motoring Enthusiast Ricky Muir by the media. The Senator has much to contemplate about the world of politics and his absence from media attention is a smart move, and thats because its not every day, that an everyday Australian becomes a Senator.

Reasons why Ricky Muir might just want to keep to himself, could just be that his own party tried to dig up dirt on him, out of spite, because he became a Senator and they did not. The Victorian arm of the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party appear to practice Liberal party politics, as their actions at the news of Muir’s new Senatorial position, had them behaving the same way that the ‘new’ Abbott government behaved in relation to Peter Slippers appointment to speaker of the house under a Labor government.

Another reason could be that the media took all of 2-seconds to try and destroy any credibility and authority that Muir had, before he even had a chance to absorb what had happened for him and his family. The new path that had been supplied to them, the new life that they had been thrown into.

The Muir’s are not a family like most of the pampered privileged participants that are now destroying many lives in government. Ricky Muir most likely did not attend an upper class, primping college, crafting new and dangerous leaders to conquer the Australian way of life, the Australian vernacular. No, Ricky Muir and his family are Australians. They represent the most fundamental structure of family life for Australians in Australia. They reveal that the dream YOU have, is possible.

Ricky Muir is a representative in the Australian parliament for you and me. His ‘agenda’ is not to craft an Australia cloaked in a ‘Christian crown and medieval practices, only shrouded in an egalitarian mirage to keep the populous masses docile and ignorant (McCarthy, May 2014), (a thin veil of deceit that Howardism quietly recommended in the ‘1999 Multicultural Australia Report).’

So, every time the media winge’s about Senator Ricky Muirs ‘out of reach’ tactics, they might first want to give him a go before they try and destroy his authorial identity, publicly and politically.

Now you might say ‘well Abbott gets a grilling in the media, all politicians do’, what you miss is the fact that Abbott had screwed his populous image well before he scraped through to become the worst prime minister that Australia has ever had the displeasure of being lorded over. What has happened to Muir, happened to Peter Slipper after years in politics, by the same bloke now known as PM.

I say give Ricky Muir a chance to familiarise himself with the Australian Parliament, with political life. He hasn’t had years of it crammed down his throat, this is all new and most Australians want to give him a go. His parents must be so proud that their boy is now a Senator, I know that I would be proud if my children aspired to have the chance to give a voice to Australians, all of us.



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  1. Thankyou so much for a truly well written and accurate portrayal of our senator elect. I am proud to be am amep member and I too look forward to Ricky taking his seat.
    The fat cats are fearing what they don’t know, without need. It’s anxiety over shadows. The most insulting example is the quick and united effort to shut down the minor party preference arrangement. Not so fun when the little guy beats the big guys at their own game.
    The growth of many of the minor parties is a result of governments that have lost touch withthe people. This was merely a matter of time. I cant wait to see them having to panda to a balance of power that actually represents the common people.
    As you all go to work today know that Ricky is too. In the timber mill for his keep to support his family just like you or me.

    1. Thank you for your comment Pete, its up there with the firsts of ‘on topic’ discussions.

      Not so fun when the little guy beats the big guys at their own game.


      As you all go to work today know that Ricky is too. In the timber mill for his keep to support his family just like you or me.


      Good luck on your first day in a strange world Ricky.

    1. I do try for balance in most things but its getting harder with what Australians are about to endure. OUR hope is in the opposition and the minor parties that have a strong voice and Jacqui Lambie revealed that she will not be swayed by antiquated bullies and both Jacqui and Ricky have provided something for our children to aspire to. It might light fire under the backsides of Australian students, give them a reason to get the best education they can, to take back Australia. JMO

  2. My only hope is that Ricky Muir will be only the first. Let us hope he is able to hold fast to his ideals and that the Australian people will be able to see that our Senators do not have to be “of the Left or the Right”, but indeed be common folk – who’s only aim is to see Australia become the greatest country in the world through and because of honest politics. And yes, I am a proud member of the AMEP, who also hopes to effect change through my actions.

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