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Self-Serve and the Digital Age – You can save Jobs

As each new day passes, new technological advancements flood our TV screens, our Computers and our lives. A simple trip to the local supermarket now involves a new and fun way to shop by limiting access to cashiers and widening the new self-serve centres.

This has an affect upon the Australian way of life in that, every time someone uses the self serve section, a cashier loses his/her job.

The more the self-serve centre is utilised, the more we, who do not work for the supermarket, offer up our free labour, making ourselves complicit in the sacking of many people, in the demise of a human workforce. Along with the new fang-dangled self-serve centres comes smaller counter spaces at the few remaining human operated checkouts.

This is deliberate.

With smaller counter spaces, big corporations seek to cause a problem within the minds of its customers and its cashiers.

The customer becomes slightly distressed because there is not enough room, especially if they have children with them; theres a line forming behind them, the shops are really busy, amongst other distresses. The customer begins to get looks for having a big shop, or a ‘price check’, they can hear the tapping of toes behind them or the sighs of exasperation from a cashier who has also become distressed with you, for the lack of counter space, your load of groceries and a line of impatient shoppers waiting for their turn behind you.

The cashier begins to think ‘why don’t you use the self-serve instead of taking up counter space,’ the impatient shoppers are thinking the same and before you even know what happened, you will be performing a free service for a large corporation by serving yourself and removing the corporations need to hire people.

In just that one moment, a distressed customer, an exasperated cashier and a line of annoyed shoppers has seen to the death of another industry, then they all go home and cry about the injustice of it all because they and/or their children cannot get work.

As if the smaller counter spaces are not enough, you are now charge 10c for a plastic bag that costs at most 1c (I have worked in the industry). The smaller counter spaces are deliberately designed that way, to ensure shoppers, who do not like feeling pressured by all of the above, shop more than once a week, or fortnight.

Smaller shops, means more impulse buying, equaling more profit for big corporations.

If you don’t take bags with you and you miss the quietly spoken ‘would you like to buy a bag’, then you have just had between 10 cents and a $1 added to the already 10% GST that is added to your shopping bill. If you self-served, then you can add at least another $5, being a percentage of a cashiers hourly wage, to your shopping bill also. A cost, nor percentage amount can be calculated for the loss of jobs.

  • On your next shop, make it big, don’t take bags into the store, don’t buy bags and don’t use the self-serve.
  • If you have children and you take them shopping with you, shop in the evening or on the weekend when you are not in a rush.
  • If its something small you need, then why not give your consumerism to some local supermarkets like IGA.

    The produce is fresh and the amount you would usually spend in fuel and sanity, trying to make a ‘quick’ stop at a large supermarket, far outweighs the 3-5% amount that is sometimes added to smaller supermarket pricing, due to their inability to purchase the extremely large amounts of the one product to reduce costings, nor from the same places that the larger supermarkets have access to. You would be amazed at how much more personable smaller supermarkets are and how much fresher their vegetables are.

    Save jobs, never use the self-serve, never take your bags into the store with you, stack it back into your trolley, bag it when you get back to the car.

    Have a bit of fun, watch the confusion roll over the cashier when you say no, you have no bags, and no, you don’t want to buy any. engage the cashier in pleasant small talk, enough to put a smile on their faces, but not enough that it stalls their service and annoys people waiting behind you, the small amount of pleasantry that you have shared with the cashier, might just make their day and it also might spread the good humor and atmosphere onto other shoppers, making their shopping experience happier and the cashiers job easier.

    Making your shopping experience pleasant for you and other shoppers helps you not to get caught up in the atmosphere of distress, deliberately designed to agitate both cashiers and shoppers by big corporations, and don’t get bullied into using the self-serve section, because every time you do;

  • a person loses their job,
  • the corporation saves $50,000 a year per cashier that they sack and
  • the tax they would have had to pay, becomes a tax on your shopping bill and
  • that is an increase (price increases) passed on to you, to pay for the cost of a big corporations technological upgrades
  • this in-turn reduces their costs, by not requiring as many paid staff.
  • They sell this idea to the consumer and many buy into it.

    You save your sanity, you do not provide free labour to an already highly profitable corporation and you save jobs all in a days shopping, not bad you!

    When other companies say ‘we are 100% on-line, meaning less cost to you’ I hear, ‘we are 100% on-line, meaning we do not employ anyone.’ I hear a lot more than that though: ‘so the 100s of thousands dollars that we could be paying to staff is now in our pockets, buy our product.’

    In buying their product, you ensure that more people lose their jobs, people become superfluous to the action of service.

    What they miss entirely is this: with every large corporation that moves solely to an on-line store, 100s of thousands of people lose their jobs, and without jobs, people cannot afford their products.

    JMO – Happy shopping experiences for you all.


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