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Scott Morrison is not telling the full story

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison not telling the full story on asylum seeker arrivals

Apparently, Scott Morrison is not telling the full story about asylum seeker arrivals in attempts to make the Abbott governments border protection policy more attractive to the Australian voter.

On November 29 Mr Morrison said:

“In the previous government after the announcement of the regional resettlement arrangement an average of 461 people not including crew were turning up on just over six boats every week. Since the commencement of Operation Sovereign Borders this has fallen by more than 80 per cent to just 78 people illegally arriving per week on less than two boats not including crew.”

Morrison has been repeating these figures over the past weeks, relating that the reduction is the result “of our (LNP) efforts under Operation Sovereign Borders”.

Labor, disagrees. Chris Bowen has repeatedly asserted that Mr Morrison’s figures were “just not right”. When ABC Fact Check asked for the basis of his comments, a spokesman for Mr Bowen said the comparison period the Coalition was using was “disingenuous”.

“Labor had only announced the PNG arrangement on 19 July and from experience, there is always a lag in terms of policy measures having an effect,” the spokesman said. “If you look at the two weeks prior to the election, a month or so after the PNG arrangement had been announced and was being implemented, there was clearly an effect being experienced.”

The ABC Fact Check

The claim: Scott Morrison says the Coalition’s border protection policy has resulted in an 80 per cent reduction in asylum seekers arriving in Australia by boat.

The verdict: There has been an 80 per cent reduction. However, the reduction is part of an earlier trend which began under the former government.

So, the ABC Fact check reinforces what many of us know, that Labors ‘stop the boats’ policy, is why there was a drop off in people making the perilous journey across the sea to find a safe haven in Australia. If the boats are picking up again, it is because of the Coalitions foreign minister activities and a complete arrogance towards other countries sovereignties in the region.



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