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QLD- Government Cancer Subsidies Cancelled

By Sue Robinson

I guess it’s started – the Turnbull health cuts for cancer patients here on the Central Coast are now affecting our survival chances.

I was due for my annual bone scan today. It’s necessary because ongoing chemo affects my bone density – I have already had to undergo spinal surgery since starting it. I knew the cuts had been particularly savage for cancer patients here, so I checked when confirming my appointment that it would still be bulk billed. (I’m on a pension and I had already been through my quota of no-longer-bulk-billed specialist appointments for the month and couldn’t afford any more). I was assured there was no charge for it.

But when I arrived they refused to give me the bone scan. The government subsidy had been cancelled, even for pensioners. No cash – no treatment. So I went home without the tests my oncologist tells me are necessary.

Too many of us here are going without treatment because our continued survival no longer seems to matter to those politicians who, thanks to our taxes, will never have to worry about affording medical treatment themselves.

It’s a pity that Turnbull’s brave new world of ‘jobs and growth’, leaves no room for the welfare of those Australians who have paid their dues and just want to feel safe. We are unlikely to die if Australia fails to acquire more obsolete US military equipment. But many of us will certainly die, early and in unnecessary pain, if Western standard health care is refused to us. And what a waste of human life and potential! How can any nation prosper if it considers the health of its citizens to be so unimportant?


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