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Protesters are Revolting – A Power Pissed Problem


Students from the University of Sydney heckled foreign minister Julie Bishop when she visited the campus on Friday. They were protesting the changes to university fees outlined in the 2014 budget, which could see significantly higher fees under a deregulated system as well as higher interest rates on student loans

Abbott branded student protesters as ‘revolting (Source)’, an opinion already sustained by the now PM, after Julie Bishop was protested against, when she dared to enter a university after her party had only days before saw to university fees more than double for many university students, due to a cut in federal funding for education, and laughed openly whilst other devastating atrocities were read out by foghorn leghorn, smoking Joe Hockey, a set of CUTS put together with the assistance of what he likes to be known as, the Terminator: Mathias Cormann.

Sliming whining Pyne was also heckled on a live airing of the ABC Q&A television show. In the midst of debate about university fee deregulation, students unfurled a banner and chanted:

“No cuts, no fees, no corporate universities” and “Chris Pyne, get out, we know what you’re all about; cuts, job losses, money for the forces (Source).”

The sad things is, they all look liked they enjoyed the protests and jostling. They appear to like the fact that the Australian people are extremely upset about the attack against our/their civil rights to a future, to an education, to health care, to helping our aged population, our disabled population, to our youth. The saddest thing of all, is that this new extremely right winged neo-conservative, neo-liberal party are in power because that is all they want, power. They appear to be power pissed and the Australian people are a mere annoyance along the path to their thrones or presidential suites.

In the words of Paul Keating “God help us all (Source).”



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