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Politicians, Social Media and Attempts to Immobilise Truths

I find the way politicians try to use social media to their advantage appalling, but I have to say that there has been two recent cases of abuse of social media for political advancement and justification of genocidal war crimes.

Tony Abbott has tried to use social media to lift his image, his political standing, but that has failed miserably, in fact it could be said, it has been said that it has completely backfired on him and he is more unpopular than ever and I use the word unpopular generously.

The second is the Israeli war crimes and undoubtedly genocidal actions against the Palestinian people of the Gaza strip, thus far. Netanyahu has tried to sell this annihilation against an entire race of people as retaliation for the slaughter of the three Israeli teenagers to which they promptly blamed on Hamas without any proof. The uncle of one of the Israeli boys pleaded that no more blood shed should occur in retaliation, but Netanyahu had other plans.

A young Palestinian boy was kidnapped and burnt alive, they poured oil down his throat and lit it up amongst other atrocious actions until he eventually died at his attackers hands, it was 6 Israelis who did this to one small boy.

Netanyahu has used the social media to try and sell to the world Israel’s right to commit these atrocities and his social networking campaign has failed him.

The Israeli navy slaughtered 4 small Palestinian boys on a beach as they played football with their uncle, a journalist. The hotel to which they were staying is a well known hotel by the Israelis as the place where Journalists stay. The media was turning against Israeli sympathies and just like the last two assaults on the Gaza strip, the Journalists became targets.

Target those who tell the news and you can tell the world what you want.

Most of the international community is not believing the Israeli propaganda machine being filtered out through social media, most of the social media participants are not believing in the propaganda and just like Abbott’s social media attempts to popularise his political image, Netanyahu’s social media profile has failed him.

At this moment, whist social media is a light with activity concern opinion and propaganda, as I write this post, attempts to sway a worlds population into believing that Israel’s actions are justified, a surgical strike action is slaughtering the people of the Gaza strip. People are using their mobile phones and are making phone calls to anyone, telling them that they are caught beneath the rubble of what was once their home/building, their family are laying dead around them, ‘please help me’ they are pleading, but who is left to assist. The Israelis, military ordered by their government, are lighting up the skies with flares and every time someone tries to dig people out of the rubble, they are killed. Israel calls an hours cease fire and the Palestinians should bring their dead and dying to one specific area and when they get there, they are massacred.

Social media is a distraction from what is actually occurring. Whilst you are following twitter or facebook, whilst you reveal your horror and outrage to a global, yet virtual audience, in the real world dire things are occurring. Its like the Colosseum all over again; Keep the people distracted that’s what the Colosseum was for, that’s what social media is for.

Tony Abbott and other politicians ride on the tailcoats of devastation to hide their own atrocious behaviours, and what’s Abbott’s comments about Israel’s War crimes, their slaughter of the people on the Gaza Strip: Israel has a right to exist!


I find politicians abuse the effects model to distort information during the dissemination process. Israeli politicians use social class or race as major sources for social division, except that they have actively created a class segregation between Israelis and Palestinians through the oppression of a people by limiting their access to goods and services that most countries take for granted. Egypt opened up their side of the border, I think in 1998 and more than 300,000 adult Palestinians went into Egypt and bought items such as food, clothing, cigarettes and concrete to build or repair their homes, and they visited friends and families they had not seen since their oppression began. All the Palestinian children stayed home and waited for their parents to bring them back supplies. I think the border was open for 3-days.

All the items purchased by those who crossed the border are items that Israel withholds from them because they might actually get an economy. This slaughter of the Palestinian people is not about the tragic murder of 3 Israeli teens, 1 Palestinian boy burnt alive nor the 4 little boys slaughtered by Israeli naval surgical strike gunfire on the beach in front of their hotel, no this war is about things like ownership of the Palestinian gas but more so about the temple mount.

Israel call Hamas terrorists, but as one 17 year old Palestinian boy said after Israeli soldiers slaughtered his entire family, ‘I wanted to be a doctor when I grew up, but you have made me into what I will become next.

Oppression creates what western politicians refer to as terrorists and politicians use that word to control and demonise so many peoples around the world and in their own countries they use the fear of being either unpatriotic or as Abbott is trying to do, and Howard tried to do, they want Australians to fear that if they have an opinion that differs from their political agendas, that Australians be called ‘un-Australian.’

These terms are used to control people. Many people become fearful of their right to speak truth, if that truth differs from their political leaders. Power, control, money. That’s what Israel wants, that’s what Abbott wants, that’s what the US wants and they will do anything that is required to gain these three things and they try to use social media to spread fear and propaganda in attempts to immobilise truths.



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