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Whilst the young Liberals flood the web with their fear porn and bullying commentaries at such sites as…. ooo … lets say the ABC… and the Federal LNP shed thousands more jobs from the Australian economy, the Australian family, I have noted that right winged news programs, such as S–k–y N–e–w–s (they get no traffic from me) borrow recordings and news stories from the ABC whilst they rubbish good journalism and the good name of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

One right winged reporter was ranting about not wanting their taxes paying to keep the ABC going, he went on for sometime about it, and then proceeded to play an ABC news recording. This should give you some idea as to what thin air can do to your brain.


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is Australian owned, not Abbott owned and their journalistic prowess rivals all other news stations broadcasting in Australia except SBS – The Special Broadcasting Service. Both news outlets tell the news as it is and do not allow bias to to control what they report. These journalist report both the Australian and World news in a manner that reveals the truth of what is occurring in the world. The only reason I ever tune into one of those right winged controlled news services is to maintain an understanding of the difference in truth reporting and a junk news, breakfast style performance inflicted upon those who don’t know any better.

I mean why would anyone actually want to listen to the absolutely biased and damaging rhetoric of 2GB unless they were elderly and the tuning knob was broken on their radio.

When Prime Minister Julia Gillard gave her Misogynist speech in Parliament, although deeply hurt and angry at the constant, viscous attacks by the LNP, Abbott and Bishop more precisely, she maintained her dignity and composure.


Even after Alan Jones had made the unforgivable speech at a young Liberals dinner party about her father dying in shame, a comment he justifies as ‘it was a closed party’. Jones was not sorry for what he said, for how he said it, he was sorry, as most undesirables are, that he got caught on camera, by Journalists who purchased a ticket to the dinner, saying it.


Then Tony Abbott, well I suppose this next video is superfluous now because most Australians have lost their jobs since he somehow won government, this is his attitude to the ‘working poor’ as many are, or were:


Thousands of underemployed and unemployed persons, according to Tony Abbott, deserve to be because its not the governments job to ensure fair wages and conditions for the workers, its not Abbotts job to create jobs that provide a wage that will also feed a person too.

So, what is the governments job?

To uphold the banks?

Because the Liberal party are not in the job to help Australians, although they might get a bit pissed when the taxes stop flowing in, because no-ones employed and so they don’t pay them. When will politicians take a pay cut or scrap their penalties and conditions to maintain a surplus in Australia, a surplus for what? No-one knows.

So after enduring a few days of journalistic crap by right wingers, I have come to the decision that if the ABC and SBS are shut down, or sold off by Tony Abbott and his culture, his crew, of secrecy, then I will get the news, the truth, from the Internet, from the people who now report what is actually going on in the world, people like you and me.

Tony Windsor truth on Tony Abbott

These are just priceless

[youtube][/youtube] I have to agree with Paul Keatings ‘God help us.’

Just in case you missed it….


And… its contagious, a train wreck that you just can’t look away from.



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