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Please Stand for the alternative Prime Minister, Mr Bill Shorten Everyone….

A standing ovation for the alternative Prime Minister, Mr Bill Shorten (Media bought to you by the National Australian Broadcasting System the ABC whose funding will be cut and a major globally coveted contract won to supply the news network to China has been dumped by coalition forces)


Bill Shorten, Labor, delivered their budget reply speech last night and it was related through standing ovations from the docks, from the homes of Australian voters. I was raised from my seat several times to cheer and applaud Labors strength and conviction.

Labor has shown that they are back!

Bill revealed his fortitude of mind to echo Labors enduring strength to overcome the Coalitions devastating attack on the core of the Australian family, of Australian values. With a fire and courage that crushes the Coalitions lies and myths about a budget emergency, that was created to establish a new two tiered class system in Australia, a class warfare.

Once again I felt the pride of being an Australian, rallied to the call to protect the Australian people against the War being reigned down by a disconnected Liberal National Party, a Liberal party that does not resemble their roots any more.

This is not because the new neo-liberalists conservative party is a progressive, rather they are a recessive blight on the backside of humanity.

The very fact that John Howard utilised the ‘neoconservative liberalisms’ in a speech, attempting to throw some credibility upon such a regressive futured destruction, only reveals that he too, a Prime Minister, who lost his own seat, recognised just how dangerous this game, that this new neo-liberalists conservative attack on Australia, on Australians, is.

Labor not only addressed, but dressed down the Abbott destruction budget horror. Labor also revealed what they stand for. Above all else, Labor will ‘stand’ for the Australian people, the Australian family and Australias youth.

Lets have another standing ovation for Labor, for the alternative Prime Minister, Mr Bill Shorten who proudly Australian stood firm as he demanded of the LNP, a new election, ‘because Labor is ready for it!’



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