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People have the right to be Bigots

The problem with Australia today began with one sentence in 2013 by George Brandis: ‘People have a right to be bigots’.
The state of the Nation (play on words intended) lays squarely at the feet of the Australian Liberal Party. Brandis’ statement opened a flood gate that many people thought to have been closed, but the extreme right base of Australian bigoted racism has been breathed oxygen by the current Liberal Party and the state of the projected senate is due to their own doing.

The ‪#‎LNP‬ have no-one to blame, but themselves.

If in doubt over that statements power to release the looney’s, one of Australia’s top looneys has started to spew his vile with comments like:
“The solution to Australia’s political chaos is a dictatorship ‘like China (Gerry Harvey)”

Well Gerry, Tony Abbott tried that and that is why Australia is having to deal with racist, sexist, misogynistic patriarchal… and matriarchal… bigotry, on our streets, in the work place,on our public transport and it continues in our homes and schools because of extreme right wing conservatisms.

I include right wing women in my evaluation because they act as enablers. They have proven that they are the epitome of the weak woman, who is mouthy, dangerous and nasty and then runs behind misogynistic men who come to their rescue.
I watched Julie Bishop do this a number of times during parliament question time.
Australia’s parliament must lead by example, but for the past three years, the government has led Australia down a very regressive and dangerous path, starting with George Brandis’ statement:

‘People have a right to be bigots’.

But as always, this is JMO


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