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On July 2, vote in solidarity with our health care workers: Launceston doctors publicly resign in protest

Launceston doctors publicly resign in protest
Launceston doctors publicly resign in protest

By Dr Sousa

My name is Dr. Grace Sousa. I’m an Emergency Medicine Specialist in the emergency department at Launceston General Hospital (LGH) in Northern Tasmania.

Let me describe what an underfunded emergency department looks like. Every shift, we end up treating people in waiting room chairs, or in the ambulance waiting area on chairs while others are forced to wait on ambulance trolleys ramped until beds become available. We have had the situation where a cardiac arrest had to be treated in the ambulance waiting area while patients looked on, and recently delivered a baby in the ambulance waiting area because there wasn’t another bed that could be made available quickly. It’s downright dangerous. There’s no dignity for patients and their families, and for staff who have to work in these conditions, it’s heartbreaking.

Thanks to huge shortfalls in hospitals funding, we are barely able to do our jobs. If the Liberals go ahead with their plan to cut $54 billion from local hospitals, I honestly don’t know how we’ll cope.

That’s why I’ve made the decision to publicly resign in protest. 3 of my colleagues have also resigned and more resignations will be on the way. We have a message from the front line of Australia’s health care system: hospital funding is in crisis, lives are in danger, and we will no longer allow our patients to suffer in silence.

Will you stand in solidarity with my colleagues and I, struggling to do our jobs in Australia’s underfunded hospitals, and help make sure our story is heard?



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