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Old MacDonald’s has a Bar ei ei o and behind that Bar their are no workers ei ei o: Save Australian jobs by saying NO!


If you are actually a person who eats MacDonald’s, then as an Aussie I implore you to walk right back out of a MacDonald’s store if you are greeted with self service bars. The same action should be applied to all stores operating in Australia who reduce their workforce by replacing them with machinery.

When you enter a supermarket enticing you to self serve, wait at a check out with a human person standing behind the counter, receiving a wage and who are able to pay their bills because you made a choice to thumb your nose at automation and made an informed choice to wait for a human to serve you.

If you are approached by their ‘very helpful floor person staff’ and they try everything to get you to use their automation, just say NO.


Save Australian jobs by saying NO

If you wait in line to be served by a human, the longer that line gets, the more often the longer that line gets, the more apt supermarkets to hire extra staff to serve and keep their customers. If you use the self service you rob someone of a job and you in effect, now work for the supermarket by providing them with your free labour.

Save Australian jobs by saying NO



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