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No do over, no re-set for you Tony or your ministers

Like an extremely bad choreographed primary school end of year grade two concert, Tony Abbott failed in his bid for a ‘do over’, for his dream of ‘the beginning of good governing now’ 18-months after taking office, only to conclude with, what Tony Abbott likes to refer to as, ‘his near death experience’, an LNP leadership spill vote.

Now it must be remembered that it was not a leadership spill, it was a vote to decide if the Liberal party would like to have a leadership spill. This poorly designed screen set had all the players, it had the media on watch and it had the Australian people glued to their seats in anticipation of Tony Abbott’s political demise.

This was all deliberate, another lie.

Tony Abbott was not getting the ‘do over’ he so wantonly craved, the Australian public was not playing the game and so a new tactic was activated.

Remember, Tony Abbott tried to ‘re-set’ his governance of the past 16-months, at that time, just before xmas. It did not work. The LNP have told so many lies, broken just about every promise they ever made to the voting public and almost from the very beginning the LNP relegated the Australian people, including almost all of the other Australian elected officials, to the definition of fungus.

We had become the mushrooms surviving only on the manure drip fed to us by an arrogant, self-important political party believing in their ‘born to rule’ mentality.

So Tony Abbott was not granted a ‘do over’ by his humbled servants, instead we kept the heat up.

There’s not much talent in the current Liberal National Party, so a leadership spill was not going to go anywhere. Malcolm Turnbull was not going to step forward, he might want to become Prime Minister one day, but why would anyone want the job of cleaning up Tony Abbott’s mess. Why would Malcolm Turnbull want to take a losing political party to an election.

‘Let’s knight bonny prince Phillip’ Tony almost screams into the ether during a ‘brain’ storming session with Peta Credlin, ‘you know Tony, that just might work! Good on you for coming up with something no-one else would ever dream of doing, that would instigate a believable leadership spill vote, we just need to make sure we have enough MP’s onboard to ensure that it goes nowhere.’

‘Don’t worry about that Peta, i’ll shame em into keeping me on as their captain.’

‘Well, Tones, if anyone could shame anyone, it would be you. Do your worst… NO, do your not so worst, just a little bit bad… OK?’

So off Tones went and announced on Australia day, or invasion day (depending on your preference-it’s insulting no matter what we title the day), that he was awarding the ‘Knight of the Order of Australia’ to Prince Phillip, consort to Tonys Queen and wouldn’t you know it those darned backbenchers fell for a Tony Abbott.

So riled by such an outrageous move by the Prime Minister’s so called ‘Captains Pick’ that they motioned, and seconded to have a vote to see if they could have a vote to dethrone their captain oh captain. Of course the vote to see if they could have a vote was voted out and the lowly backbenchers, not privy to the plan, have all scurried back, pardon the pun, to their benches and are all now totally devoted to the Abbott train wreck.

As Tony would say, those back benches are, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound!’

If one had a suspicious nature, one might ask, what was going on elsewhere that this diversionary tactic could act like a war on two fronts such as:

28 January 2015: Inquiry into the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (Improved Oversight and Resourcing) Bill 2014 (2927)

Just saying!

Whilst the Liberal National Party are stripping away our rights and freedoms, even in our own homes, Tony Abbott, their leader, is giving away:

  • Our ‘Knight of the Order of Australia’ to a Britain
  • Our submarine contracts to the Japanese
  • Free trade agreements to anyone who will take them
  • They have destroyed our regional co-operations and friendships mainly because Abbott refused to apologise for a spying scandal
  • and much much more.

    Tony Abbott, his party who are also complicit in their PMs action’s if the past week is anything to go by, went about these activities utilising their well honed, yet completely transparent mushroomianisms, by not informing us fungi (the Australian people ) as to what he was/is giving away.

    I have listened to LNP minister after LNP minister proclaim that ‘I have only just taken on the portfolio, I cannot speak as to what the last minister said or did.’ This is part of the game, you see for this LNP, Australia and the Australian people are mere pawns in a game. We survive upon the very land they believe to be theirs via a born to rule mentality. In short, the Australian people are in the way.

    I won’t allow Tony Abbott to have another do over, a re-set or a near death experience. He is a very unlikeable man who has broken every promise he ever made and then he has lied about his lies.

    No do over, no re-set for you Tony or your ministers.


    If I hear one more time ‘we stopped the boats, we got rid of the carbon tax, we got rid of the mining tax etc…’ I will scream followed by the question: ‘so what have you done since then, to be generous they were performed within the first six months, so what have you, the Liberal National Party done since???


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