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Mid-year budget update – $1b ‘black hole’ in funding for offshore processing

You can’t scream and cry about budget problems that you feel Labor left you with when you:

  • Gave the RBA $10b
  • Spent another $4m for Abbotts new BMW
  • Spending a further $2m for the leasing of BMWs for the G20 Summit next year
  • Cut money from Child Care and tried to shame those who would get a pay increase into giving that up
  • You spend all this on crap, not to put to fine a point on it, and you can’t spend a dollar to make life more bearable for people seeking asylum in Australia.

    All the Liberals have done is Cut, cut and more cut… I believe we were warned about this by Rudd.

    They are screaming about a budget emergency, ‘but is alright, even though things are worse than we first thought, we will wait for a commission into the state of the budget before we will even think about doing anything’ says Hockey.

    Julie Bishop used the Coalition party room meeting to warn the headline figure will be “shocking”.

    Scott Morrison has confirmed the government needs to spend $1.2 billion extra on offshore processing:

    ‘because Labor did not allocate enough money to build and run the centres on Nauru and Manus Island.’

    I’m sorry, but who is in government at the moment?

    From the things that the Liberal front benchers and some horrible woman, who I have no idea what her name is, what position she holds or why she is even still screaming from the docks, I can only recall her head, wow what a head of hair someone told her looked wonderful and I know she is a liberal because they have a ‘certain look’ to them. Its not the one who sits behind Abbott in many meetings, you know the one who had her drunk driving charge dropped when Abbott snuck into government, nor is it either of the two blondes that seat behind Abbott in Parliament, anyway getting side tracked, from the things that the Liberals themselves say, I think that Labor is still in government.

    PM Bill Shorten, welcome to your nightmare Tony!!



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