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Mandatory Drug Testing

The question must be asked why a government, who is losing supporters at an alarming rate, now want a large section of the voting public clear of mind?

They have lost the pensioners, the students, the disabled, the elderly, the youth and even in some quarters, business and now they are talking about removing their last vestige of hope to retain some seats, the hope that shields their self proclaimed monarchy from the unwashed masses, and are going for the jugular by drug testing the unemployed and those who have gained employment under the commonwealth program.

I do believe that the Abbott government have no understanding of ‘people’ at all. They do not understand the process of depression, at not being able to obtain work. It begins with not getting out of pajamas, then, to sleeping on the lounge rather than using any energy left to move from bed to lounge, to drinking cheap booze in an effort to hide self from an inability to obtain employment and being penalised because theres not enough work for them anyway. Then it moves on to a bit of marijuana here and some other stuff there until the manic depressive state that our youth have been driven into, only know life through the haze of escape.

The Abbott government is about penalising mid-low class Australians some more, because they are so out of touch with society, that they only know how to criminalise the Australian population.

I will tell you how my son escaped a drug habit that the government began. In high school a medi-van would come to the school weekly, I think, and began supplying, free, to my son, Ritalin. I was not told about this deceit, until my son ended up hospitalised from an addiction obtained at school by people in authority, who had no authority to medicate my son, 7 years later.

You see, a 14-yo child gets together with his friends, and they are experimenting together, as teenagers do, with different things, when one says, ‘I get drugs for free. You just go to the medi-van on Friday, tell them these symptoms and they will tell you that you are suffering with ‘attention deficit disorder’ and you will be given Ritalin and your parents don’t even have to know about it.’

During the Howard era that was.

So when you start pontificating about drug testing the unemployed, you might want to actually do that testing with 12-16 year olds in school, with parental permission, instead of taking it into your own hands to medicate our children without our knowledge or consent, get your own house in order first.

It took 5-years and self control from my son, to get off any type of low cost drug that became available. I can tell you that the shock at what had happened rocked me to the core. All I did was send my son off to school, you sent him back with an addiction and now you want to penalise children caught up in the same cycle of institutional abuse, Shame on you.

All you want are chain gangs to work for the dole because they are to messed up to know any different and in no situation to do anything else because you have ridded Australia of gainful employment, if industry has not left yet, it is leaving in the next few years.

You can’t penalise kids for not having a job when you have decimated the Australian economy and sent many into an uncontrollable spiral. Against all odds, my kids are doing all right, but they had to work their guts out to even make ends meet. Before you start drug testing the unemployed, you might want to give back the $60-thousand scholarship gifted to your child for a campaign well played and maybe use that money to supply 3-scholarships to those who deserve them, for working hard, not hardly working like yours.


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