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Liberals to Cut Labor’s $300 million Early Years Quality Fund

A $300 million fund to give pay rises to childcare workers, rolled out earlier this year by Labor, has been labelled a “union slush fund” and axed by the Abbott Government.

How far will this government go?

Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced the Early Years Quality Fund (EYQF), giving childhood educators and teachers in long day care centres a pay rise for two years. The Liberals are saying that it will now “redirect” nearly all the funding to “professional development” programs for staff.

This decision means that thousands of childcare workers, offered conditional grants from the government but had not yet signed contracts, will miss out.

Cuts, Cuts and more cuts…..

The 15,500 workers at those centres will still receive the $3 to $5 an hour pay rise – but only for the first year, says Assistant Minister for Education Sussan Ley.

Ley is trying to shame those who locked into the program by suggesting that they give up the funds in favour of the “greater good”.

Labor has slammed the decision as an “absolute shambles”.

Kate Ellis says the Coalition is breaking its election commitments and putting childcare providers in an “impossible position”.

“Childcare providers have just been told that their contracts will be honoured, but also that the Government wants the money immediately returned,” she told ABC News Online.

I am not sure if Abbott really understands what loaded language is, or are he and his cohorts are the only ones allowed to utilise it? But once again they have referred to this childcare fund as a “union slush fund” which places into the minds of the unawares that something illegal is happening. This is what the Coalition has been doing since the election was called. They have referred to the great things that Labor did during their time in office with loaded language that infers that all the things Labor did are nothing more than illegal activities that the Liberals must fix, without actually coming out and saying the words Illegal, criminals ….. .

This should be worrying for all Australians. Remember, once you champion state and federal Liberal government anti association laws, rhetoric such as Abbotts government continual references to Labor and unions, with criminal activities served as a side dish, do not think that any groupings of people in Australia will be safe.

Churches may well be the only associations allowed to congregate once Liberal governments have moved on from Bikers, Unions, rallies, protests, sporting events, chat rooms …. and they will be allowed to congregate, because it is an ancient form of control through fear and guilt, that has worked for centuries. Theres no need to demonise something that works so well in controlling the masses.



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