Australian Politics

Labor – Warts and All

Contrary to all the factual documentation and global statistical revelations about Australias AAA credit rating, about Australias moral excellence on the world stage under a Labor led government, so much so that Australia won the most coveted position, a 2 year term on the UN Security Council, in the presidential role no less, that I just find it simply unfathomable that the blatant lies flowing from most Liberals are being sucked up and absorbed as some type of distorted or mutilated version of any type of truth by intelligent human beings… at all!

If my jobs gone today, your job will be gone tomorrow and then you can all run around in circles wailing in sack cloth and ashes about the inhumanity of it all. I find it unbelievable, drop the scales and see, see what has happened to OUR Australia in just over 6 months under a Liberal government.

Why would Australians want to elect LNP governments at state levels at this stage in Australias unnatural de-evolution at the hands of a Liberal government?

Labor may have had some internal divisions, but those divisions were artificially contrived by those who govern, and I use the term loosely, now.

Through it all, Labor kept Australia strong where other countries were breaking at the knees, Labor kept Australians in work, even though corporations and companies were failing across the globe, Labor kept manufacturing in Australia against all odds, Labor cares for the health and welfare of Australians and has shown that through action and not mere lip service to appease minority and action groups.

Labors only fault was to reveal that they are human and yet because they are human, they understand the plight of the every person and do not bow to the wealthy and powerful in efforts to secure political, and media points. They are who they are, warts and all and they are the first to admit their faults and the first to do something about them.



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