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Kicking and Screaming: We do not own the land; we borrow it from our children Abbott

One could only hope that in the coming year the Australian Labor Party and the Australian Greens are firing up their policies and arguments readying for a well honed representation for the betterment of Australia and her people, all of them.

But let’s not jump the gun here.

The Liberal National Party must release their next budget before the ALP or even the GRNs start to poll for the 2016 election. We do not want those sneaky LNPs sniffing around plagiarising other party’s policies and ideas, as it is being reported this week in the Australian, that Julie Bishop has a penchant for ( Source).

No, unless we go all in and a Double Dissolution is called, I don’t know, due to the blocking of supply or some other such action that once again I have to say that the LNP have a penchant to perform. When Sir John Kerr and Malcolm Fraser dismissed the elected Prime Minister; Mr. Gough Whitlam, R.I.P. ( Source), then the opposition, cross benches and senators should do their damndest to keep the LNP accountable, make them work for every inch and give them nothing to work with.

I have yet to see any policy from the Abbott government that is not draped in controversy, has not been utilised to have Australians misdirected whilst other, more insidious actions have been implemented, I have seen no policy that has any merit. I have witnessed tragic events utilised for political gain and some to justify more intrusive, invasive police and political powers. I have seen and heard the most outrageous comments and actions by a government that I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing.

I worry for our children’s futures; economically, educationally, environmentally and I feel the sadness of a million parents crying into the night, terrified as to how they will be able to provide food, clothing and futures to their children as was once gifted to them. A once ‘lucky country’ decimated by the hands of a monarchical regime seeking to renew what they believe were Australia’s glory days, they’re wrong of course!

Gough Whitlam took an ailing Australia from the grip of oppressionisms and dragged many kicking and screaming into a ‘lucky country’ future. So progressive was the Whitlam era that it frightened those monarchists to their very cores and they are still afraid.

As always the young adults of the time led the way as is still their right, for Australia is their heritage, a heritage to nurture and to one day pass on. Many humans do understand that all who walk upon the earth can never own it, the planet was here long before organics and it will be here long after organics have gone.

I heard a saying not too long ago;

‘We do not own the land; we borrow it from our children’

Not a truer word could be spoken; however Tony Abbott appears to believe that his daughters will never breed, because if they plan to, how could he and his government strip his grandchildren’s futures away? Economically, the Abbott family have been planning ahead over the past 15 months, but environmentally, Tony Abbott is party to choking the lives out of all organic life forms in any Earth future should he remain in government.

So, the ALP and the GRNs must not give the Abbott Liberal National Party any policy hints until the time presents itself. They must not jump the gun and assist this atrocious government in any way. Tony Abbott said in 2014, before jetting off to another foreign land; ‘Budgets get through, that’s just how it is (source)’, wrong again Mr. Abbott. Some budgets are so despicable that they should be blocked at every avenue but I have a feeling that now, because the LNP cannot gain any traction in the polls, they are after sealing as many rotten deals as they can before they lose the next election. No-one knows what the Free Trade Agreements contain, how much of Australia will be left at the end of an Abbott reign?

Should the ALP be elected to govern Australia for Australians at the 2016 election:

I call for the ALP federal opposition to promise to publically release all the dodgy dealings that this Abbott government has been party to in such a short time frame.

I call for the ALP federal opposition to work solidly on asylum seeker policy with the Greens representatives elected by the Australian people before the next federal election to produce a solid and defendable foundation to giving and delivering aid to those in need, no matter where they come from or how they get here.

I call for the ALP federal opposition to stand firm for Australia on any and all policies they put forth and to remove the lines of bullshit that have dominated Australian politics since Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop became opposition leader and shadow Treasurer.

I call the ALP federal opposition to make informed, grassroots policy decisions. This means actively stepping out your front door and making contact with the people of Australia and not from the back of a truck, that’s only suitable for certain work sites.

I call the ALP federal opposition to once again provide independency for Australians to revel in our diversity rather than fear it, as this sensation of fear has been implanted into the minds of many by the current government.

I call for these things from an ALP in federal opposition now, so that their message, their hope for the people of Australia truly represents all Australians, not just the privileged, once this ALP federal opposition retakes government.

As the polls show, the Australian Greens are a popular choice for our environmental futures and any chance at a safe future for those seeking safety from persecution and tortures in their own countries. Australia needs manufacturing back on our shores and there is no reason why that manufacturing should not be completely Australian owned and operated. We have the skills and there are many rising industries and some already established industries that could see Australia lead once more, become the lucky country once again and we can regain our once envied international identity on the world stage with an Australian Labor led country, not just for a term, but for a generation.

These are not demands; these are requests to bring back ‘a fair go’ for all Australians in the truest sense of the Aussie vernacular.

Here’s to a a better year, JMO


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