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Julie Bishop, who is she I was asked

Recently I was asked “who the hell is Julie Bishop, I have looked and I can find nothing about this woman, so why is she on the Liberals front bench? (My Father)”

This is Julie Bishop. Julie Bishop was the lawyer for Slater & Gordon’s biggest asbestos cases.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop
Time is no mans friend… I mean woman

Julie Bishop is the lawyer who asked of the court “why workers should be entitled to jump court queues just because they were dying (Source)”, this is her claim to fame.

“Lawyer Peter Gordon told Australian Doctor magazine in 2007: “We had to fight even for the right of dying cancer victims to get a speedy trial. Ms Julie Bishop (then Julie Gillon)(Source)” showed the world that her moral compass leans toward to the most powerful and the wealthy. This is her famous claim to fame.

The reason Ms Julie Bishop is on the Liberals frontbench is because in ‘2007, Tony Abbott dismissed Bernie Bantons petition backing subsidies for the mesothelioma drug, Alimta, by saying “Let’s be upfront about this. I know Bernie is very sick, but just because a person is sick doesn’t necessarily mean that he is pure of heart in all things (Abbott).”


Later, when Julie Bishop, like an attack dog of its leash, attempted to muddy Julia Gillards name as to an alleged role in setting up a union slush fund in the 1980s, Ms Bishop said. “It would be appalling for someone to draw some moral equivalence between my role in the Wittenoom case and establishing a union slush fund (Source).”

Only someone with a warped view of morality could even deem such a response justifiable. My father and many other fathers and brothers, uncles and nephews worked the Wittenoom mines and are still undergoing tests yearly to monitor their health. I think that you are correct, that there is no “moral equivalence between your role Ms Bishop, in the Wittenoom case and establishing a union slush fund” because even morality has its bounds.

I must call my father and remind him as to who you are.



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