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JMO – A Laborites Opinion part 1



As a Laborite I put it to the voting public that it is not the role of any opposition to formulate policy for the sitting government. The oppositions role for their term as opposition is to evaluate policies put forward by the government of the day, examine that policies merit, longterm viability, fairness and economic strengths and weaknesses.

As an ‘opposing’ political party, it is right and true to evaluate each government policy against the values of the opposing parties charter. It is unfair for any sitting government to insist that an opposition political party bow to the whims of the elected government simply because the Australian people opted to change government for a term of 3 years.

It is also an arrogant presumption that opposing political parties will abandon their parties manifesto and gift all power to a government answerable to the electorate and a government that must interact with all other political parties to maintain any level of governance. If the government of the day is incapable of discussion or interaction with all other democratically elected political parties, or should that government fail to pass their budgets, then that government should step aside and initiate a new election at the earliest possible time.

However, should that government be re-elected to the position of government, that government must still be answerable to the electorate and all the other political parties democratically elected by the Australian people to represent them and their electorates. What this means is that although another election might reinstate the current government, it does not guarantee that that government will hold a better standing in the halls of parliament or the Senate because each political party, each democratically elected representative holds its own manifesto to which it cannot abandon to suit a governments inability to produce good policy.


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