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Jacquie Lambie – Honestly Honest – Tasmanias Senate Representative

After watching Jacqui Lambie take on Q&A’s 14th April panelists, I can only say how wonderfully honest and refreshing her fearlessness in the face of some longterm political opponents was and is. Jacquie has shown that she is unshakably determined, and to have Jacquie represent us, Tasmanians, in the up coming senate for the next 6-years, will be an honour.

As a down to earth, hit the ground running representative for Tasmanians, Jacquie has shown that she will stick to her guns, she will not be easily swayed and for a moment or two, her stance demanded a fearsome respect from the Liberal representative, Marise Payne, seated next to Jacquie, as it was apparent that her staunch demeanor could not be swayed, and as the tweet read, ticker taping across the bottom of the screen, I too almost fell of my seat as Jacqui, with her trade mark fearlessness told it how it really was:

“Do you know what, the unfortunate thing is, it doesn’t matter whether you are Liberal or Labor. For years you have lied. That’s what you’ve done. That’s what you’ve done. You have won your seats. You have lied and that’s how you went. (J. Lambie) (Q&A Transcript).”

As Jacquie said “Yeah because we have that balance of power (in the senate), which is wonderful, I’ll be honest (J. Lambie)(Q&A Transcript)” Marise Payne (Liberal), drew in a sigh then released a shudder. However the look in Jacquies eyes revealed that she meant what she said and would only ever say what she means.

Apart from bringing back national service, I had to agree with much of what Jacquie had to say.

Until the Abbott/Bishop annihilation of the regions comfortability with each other, the requirement for a large military in Australia was not really a necessity, it was a calling and a great place for people to gain family, belonging. Now, there is a very real danger that Abbott will take our children to War and I am all for patriotism to Australia, because I love this country and the men and women serving in Australias military are above reproach, but I don’t want my children, or my grand children, dying for Tony Abbott and Julie Bishop.

I really admire Jacquie Lambie.

When the senate resumes, it will be a interactive experience, with the Palmer United Party truly holding the politicians of a bygone era to account. I can’t wait, maybe this is what is needed to revitalise a stuffy, antiquated boys club. To bring life back to those who became politicians because they wanted to exact change, but became bogged down in the politics of it all and lost the will to live. The senate cannot sit quick enough and many will be watching the PUP party because those independent persons elected to the senate, who gravitated together to form a strong and unyielding voice, will be there to hold the old to account.

Good luck Jacquie Lambie, I really enjoyed your fearlessness.



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