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Its your Australia – what do you want: Labor policy is always designed for longevity

I am tired of the bullshit that is media fed through to my home about the most unlikable lot of a governing body that I have had the displeasure of witnessing, let alone allowing to rule over my family.

The dirty game playing by the Liberals and their devotees at the Western Australia Senate by-election did not cease, but continued throughout the day following days of preemptive excuses about the swing against the LNP federally. Three main preemptive excuses were spouted by right-winged, hard conservative news corporations in an attempt at protecting the Abbott demolition party:

  • Its the AECs fault, if they had not lost the initial votes in the first place, there would be no need for a by-election (Personal note: There was a need for a by-election where the Australian people could go to the polls informed about Abbotts form and about Abbotts intentions)
  • Clive Palmer is buying votes, he has spent 20 times more than the Liberal party and 10 times more than the Labor party (Personal note: This was a thinly veiled attempt to place into the minds of voters that the exorbitant amount of money spent by the Liberals pales by comparison with the amount spent by Labor. This is a falsehood.)
  • Low turn out by voters. Lethargy of voters who feel annoyed that they have to vote in another election Personal note: Many would give their right arm to be able to go back to the polls to right a terrible wrong especially now that we the people have witnessed the Abbott governments form)
  • So, the right-winged mob are annoyed that the people of Australia were given the opportunity to right a wrong and to vote on merit rather than promise.

    I say get over yourself.

    I have had to endure many hours of right-winged propaganda to inform myself of their tactics and loaded speech. I feel dirty and in the beginning, I actually found myself bordering on insanity when one day I found that if I had had to sit and listen to one more 15-minute block of this right-winged propaganda, that I would be physically sick!

    You wonder why the Australian people are feeling disheartened by the major parties!

    I will tell you why, because the same old rhetoric is bounced from wall to wall and nothing gets done. Liberal conservatives are the worst culprits of this type of behaviour.

    If Labor want to take back government at the next election then you need to pull back, pull the heads in of the right-winged conservatives that lurk on the edges of the party and stay on policy. Don’t allow the Abbott tactics taint Labor policies, which are great. They are usually put together with much thought and consultation and Labor policy is always designed for longevity.

  • Remove the taint of the petty politics of the last 6-years of Labor rule.
  • Name it for what it was
  • Evaluate the actions of both Abbott and Rudd and their role in destroying Labors great political advancements, Labors great name
  • Be proud of Labors coalition with the Greens.
  • Don’t allow a Liberal party, who formed a coalition with the Nationals, to dirty a great coalescence of diversity, because the Greens compliment Labors policies.
  • Labor and the Greens were never ashamed of sharing their differences to bring about changes for the better, for Australians, all of us.

    Keep your eye on policy, block as much damage as you can in the senate, but get back on track. Don’t get drawn into the right-winged media stunts set to destabilise good politics. Your a party for the people, so you need to go to the people and find out who Labor is now, what you stand for.

    Every-time the LNP try and draw the business of governing away from the house, keep on track. The people want to see Labor keep on track, they want to see action and are tired of the Abbott stalling tactics of ‘We have a mandate to: ‘fill in the blanks’.

    Every time the LNP bring up the Carbon tax and mining tax, don’t let it blind side Labor from what is important, keep on message. Don’t get drawn into Abbotts style of politics because it is still very much tainted with the Rudd/Gillard years, it is very much a party with no real policy and like Howard did, they are stalling until the next election to make any policy announcements because they want to lead Australians blind into the next Federal election, hoping they scape through so that they can unleash on Australians more devastations.

    Jobs are leaving Australia daily and Abbott has been allowed a free ride on the tail coats of fleeing industry as he surfs the waves of the tears of the unemployed in his wake.

  • Don’t allow it.
  • Keep on message.
  • The media are simply a distraction and for the most part, are perceived as the ‘circus’ they have created. Don’t get distressed about media because their tales are most times set up to be barricades to the truth.

  • Ignore right-winged media stunts because that is what they are, stunts.
  • If you are a supporter for real change in Australia and want your voices heard, please leave a message here, in 160 characters, tell me what change YOU want in your Australia to let Labor know what is important to YOU.



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