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Is life really ever free?

Yes, life is free, most people just need to be reminded that it is their life and they need to take it back. Again, there are more of us than there is of them.

If we really research the life of a worker, we would find that the worker is a commodity traded in the markets from birth. Each new babe is subjected to the ‘heel stick’ examination, practiced by doctors in the days after the birth and most times the parents of the babe do not know about it and the doctors and nurses do not have to inform you about it nor do they require permission or attendance by the parents when this blood letting occurs.

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Now, most would believe that it is a way to establish blood type and to a certain extent that would be correct, but in this day and age, with the advancements of DNA, the blood taken from our babies could be utilised for anything a ‘power’ would desire to use it for. In the US the 4th amendment has been altered to encompass the right for ‘police’ to maintain a database of the DNA of Arrestees for use in later crime investigations, whether that person is convicted of a crime or not, and the DNA of parolees is also collected.

The worker is informed that ‘if you have nothing to hide, then you will have no problem supplying your DNA, we are seeing that type of action in Australia now, with the rulers taking the right to access our emails, web surfing…’ amongst other things.

I truly believe that if Tony Abbott is not forced into a double dissolution, then Australia might never recover from the damage that he and his cronies are doing on both the international and national stages. Section 58 of the constitution requires activation via the governor general and a royal commission into political corruption and to follow where all roads lead. We are seeing some of this now with the Abbott instigated attack on unions/the Labor party with a royal commission into unions and as it began to backfire and draw out ‘corrupt LNP MPs, the Libs began to scream about the injustice of it all.

Tony Abbott even saw to removing much needed funds from the royal commission into ‘institutional child sexual abuse’ and re-routed those funds to their royal commission into Unions. A line must be drawn and it must be drawn now. Australia, Australians, and those seeking refuge ‘from (deliberate use of this word)’ Australia are all suffering from personal agendas that are not conducive to the representation of our national identity.

Even Malcolm Fraser was heard to say; ‘if Tony Abbott ever becomes prime minister, god help us all.’ Now I am not religious, but if there is a god, then we need her/him/them now.

We provide hours, minutes & seconds of our lives in exchange for a days wage, if we work over time, we should never do it for love, its our ability to provide hours seconds and minutes of our life to do the work, we exchange moments of our lives for money.
We need to take a leaf out of the books some wealthy culturally, socially and monetarily European countries. They, even their rulers, recognise that each person is equal to another and they share the wealth, as it should be.

The words of Paul Keating reverberate throughout my senses in relation to current LNP actions towards Australians and the global community, when he was speaking to John Hewson in parliament back in the late 1980s: ‘because I want to do you slowly’.

I feel that this is a mantra for Tony Abbott: I want to do you slowly Australia …. but if recent global events are anything to go by, one would have to say whoa, slow down Tony!



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