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Is anyone else tired of political theater?

Is anyone else tired of the political theater?

Rudd began to do it, only because Howard did it, with a pose photograph of Rudd supposedly on the phone to the American President as was Howards. Towards the end of Howards reign, he began to have these posy setup photographers taken with him and Costello supposedly in discussion, calmly and business like, about political matters, showing a smile and patting each other on the back.

Its all theater, they don’t want you to know what they are discussing and we know Abbotts aversion to news outlets, unless their run by Murdoch. So the point in parading a ‘mateship’ if you will, to the Australian public, is to try and relate an ‘all is well’ attitude, and to portray a unification of the Liberal membership as a whole. No infighting is what they are trying to sell to the voting public.

I can’t help it, but I see, once behind the closed doors at their oval table, bar wenches, streamers, balloons, beer in pewter or ceramic stein mugs. Drunken officials lain out across the table, Morrison in a paper-mache boat that he made himself, Bishop staggering around with a stream of toilet paper hanging out from the rear of her dress, whilst she sings ‘Glory to the newborn King’ as she drapes herself around Abbott. Abbott with a crooked crown. a crooked grin with just a little drool of beer foam on his bottom lip, one leg up on the table purveying his frat house kingdom… its a mad house.

Thats what happens behind closed parliamentary doors, photos like this are just for show, a show for Australian voters.



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