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Canice – Unions Australia FaceBook Group

Abbott and Sinodinos
Abbott and Sinodinos

why is Sinodinos being let of the hook by the media in this election, this is the same media pack that ridiculed Julia Gillard, never supporting her as she was being attacked by Abbott. Arthur is being hidden away until after the election.


Barb in Unions Australia FaceBook Group

Where is the evidence that we have skill shortages in any of these occupations ???

Australian Immigration Daily News

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45 sleeps
How much is enough torture
“A case has been lodged against the Australian Government for Crimes Against Humanity . . . in the High Court in Australia and in relation to those hundreds of men detained illegally, as per the recent Supreme Court ruling in Papua New Guinea.”
“If the high court finds against the Australian Government it will be yet another blow to the credibility of the so-called Pacific Solution.” Frederika Steen.

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Vote Labor now and take Australia back
Vote Labor now and take Australia back

Ohh… and by the way, this is the logo the Liberal National Party are electioneering under:

What LNP?