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Expect savage budget cuts – Calls for a Royal Commision into Political Corruption

Like a frame from the movie ‘Pretty Woman’, I say to Joe Hockey and all the other cronies on the front bench: “Then stop spending vasts amounts of money….simple!”

The budget blowout is a Liberal disaster and once you stated doling out billions of dollars off your own back, from Australias taxes, you lost any credibility to continue with this accusational tripe about everything being Labors fault. Your budget projections blew out by 10b after you added the 9.9b that you, the treasurer of the Liberal National Coalition gave to the RBA, after Labor released the Charter of Budget Honesty before the 2013 election.

Your numbers reflected the amount Labor had revealed before the election but you had added the 10b to the budget amount to begin a truly insane attack, using the most loaded terminologies, to try and instill the fear into Australians that; Australia would go the same way that the US has. Is this why the Liberal National Coalition are still purchasing billions of dollars worth of faulty military craft from the yanks amidst the warnings of other countries? Johny Howard purchased flat pack Black-Hawkes that never worked, from the yanks too.

The Liberal National Coalition party have a truly narcissistic view of self, and with their continued abuse of Australia, Australians, they are liable to account for their actions.

I say that a petition to the Governor General of Australia to utilise section 58 of the constitution to activate the ‘Royal Assent’ and ‘Queens Pleasure’ powers and call for a royal commission into political corruption from the highest Federal levels, to the act of suitable candidacy for such a career in Australian politics.

I have a petition prepared and ready. I am just waiting to make sure that it is read in its entirety so that it makes the screening process. The idea is for a truly transparent government, where all are equally accountable and one that seeks to bring an end to the abuse of powers to call royal commissions, seeking to only serve personal and petty political vendettas.


Transcript – a must watch interview here
TONY JONES, PRESENTER: The Treasurer has foreshadowed a clamp down on welfare payments and more upfront costs for services such as co-payments for visits to the doctor in his first budget next month.

Joe Hockey reached for some of his toughest language tonight in a speech that painted a dire picture of Australia’s future without deep and long-term cuts to spending.

From Canberra, political correspondent Tom Iggulden reports.

TOM IGGULDEN, REPORTER: The Treasurer’s speech was sprinkled with omens of doom. “A recipe for disaster”, he called it. Canberra’s financial path is “unsustainable” with “record deficits and growing debt” driving what he calls a “moral imperative” for the Government to make major changes (Source – Read More).


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  1. If Abbott really wants to be a ‘lifter’ as he calls it, then he and his cronies (the ruling party) would take a $100,000 pay reduction for every year that their ‘debt levy’ is running. They earn more than enough to make this sacrifice because we all know that a pay freeze does not hurt Abbott and his cronies at all. The puny amount saved by this pay freeze is a mere drop in the ocean, a debt levy, welfare cuts to those who desperately need it and other such atrocities would not have to occur if the Liberal Government pulled their weight, gave up what would be considered a 3-year wage for the working poor (100,000), then most of their ridiculous cuts to families and disabled, carers and small business would not need to occur. This is a link to a chart showing you government revenue 2010-11, and how that money is spent. It almost even s out. If the 93 million if ‘general government services’ was spread out a bit, the budget would gain atleast $80-mill in profit.

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