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Employment – relevant but not the focus of life

We live in a work society, but we have been trained to define our person, our egos by what we do, by our job and little, if any, room is left for a person to discover their true self above their station. If Abbotts green army atrocity is pushed through, then Australia will revert back to slavery, a days work for maybe a meal at its end, and a persons station in life will be defined from birth, as it once was, and there will be no rising above a ‘slave’ status.

However, I believe that the employer, the wealthy and the politicians are superfluous to the life of the worker. There are more workers than there are rulers and that is why the worker has so much power. If they decide to withhold their skills from the workplace and begin to recognise that they are trading years, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds of their lives in exchange for a wage, then the worker would understand that they need not be slaves to the machine, the worker would know that society is created by the them, the worker creates society, the worker is society, well then the world would truly be at peace.

Employment would still be relevant, it just would not be the focus of a persons years, it would be a by-product to life.



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