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Election 2017: The Forsaken Become Enslaved – a little Ode

Attached to this ‘Ode’, is an article composed by Tony Abbott in 1987.’Why I Left the PriesthoodSeminarian’s years of disillusion‘. It was the ‘cover story’ for The Australian Financial Times. The selected quote can be found on Pp.60, the right side column, about halfway down. The entire article is available for you to download. Now…

Election 2017: The Forsaken Become Enslaved – a little Ode

Their fooked and shamed, they’ve done it again, and screwed a nations standing, on an ageing stage they forsook and enraged, culling a good characters name with rantings.

Oceans a part fall to their deals and the forsaken become enslaved, a rising tide of blood and fear all catapult a global rage, to encompass the oppressed and deaf mans ear, dead calmed rivers leap to engage, and all the while the fat man laughs at his handy worked ladened waves of failures.

I’ll shirt him and I’ll shift him and teach ‘im’ Australian ways, but fooked if I will front him just to feature on Foxtels ‘sports for pay!

Jacks, she has the right idea, still seeking her package so openly desired, you never know as Putin invades, which way she will advance or try him.

An Island draped by sea and sails, with a tin god directing its waves, she has a raging torrent of nay sayers and destructors tearing her every which way.

She speaketh lies to further goals and no man treads her path, the darkness of Bishops fading days both shimmer and shudder at her laugh, and at only seconds of yesterdays our opportunity for truths did pass.

Rallying echoes call out for calm at another strike upon the workers back, and as the bloodied torn and scarred all scramble to make ends meet, he rises upon the storming rains, a battalion of workers remains clawing at his feet.

Cresting high upon the waves of seeking another stage of control, rests the iron clad weeping Page, with aggrandising hopes of a tin gods throne.

His desires outweigh a people’s plight in his relentless pursuits for power, unable to achieve a standing ovation, he throws a country out onto a bower.

Reeling it in by hook and string, be the power mongers grip on the throttle, and as each banked edging trims its debris, the gravity of its enforced solemnity, degrades into fatal resolve.

A 21st century technological evolving, escalates all knowledge from the poor, but as each new understanding grasps universal truths, factuality’s disappear and dissolve.

The almighty dollar waves its scent and calls the greedy into its thrall, and all the while a planet implodes as ignorance exempts Tycoonious controls.

There’s no need to educate the cannon fodder in ways other than obedience, no need to elucidate, nor clear up all the ways our rulers deceive us. Million dollar satellites beam their truths back to Earth, but ‘it’s OK, no need to panic, the sky might be falling, but get back to work!’

There’s no real need for weather stations to tell us what we don’t want to know, so let’s privatise and manipulise ‘just dig your way through that snow!’

I hear that Cambodia is a tourist spot provided by Australia for free, to those of whom have travelled far and wide across storm tossed and sometimes fatal seas. But should it not be to your liking, then your destination can be revised, but ‘SsssSShhhHHHhh’ we can’t tell anyone until your stay has been surmised.

Don’t listen to the Greens, although they’re an elected organisation, we have your best interests; they only want your salvation…
…and relocation…
…to the mainland…

‘Is that right?? Who fucked up? Shouldn’t that read ‘another Island? (LNP)’

‘Look to us, we have your rights and we’re warming our slimy hands with them,’
‘listen to us, we know your rights and we’re wiping our sweaty palms on them,’
‘come with us, you don’t know your rights cause we’ve decimated any sign of them (LNP).’

Go to Australia and they’ll give you a holiday; Cambodia, Nauru or Manus Islands
They’re all gems! They’ve been given two thumbs up by a foreign minister viewing the staff-room gents and tourist selected sightings.

Yes!! Come one and all to Panopticism’s by the sea, no other country can proclaim devastation’s such as these, in such a short time frame, without falling victim to, or sailing headlong into War….

Where once they were a great nation with their hearts warn on their sleeves, it took just one devastation, one misinterpretation, at the polls, to bring Australia’s multiculturalism’s to its knees, with a concerted effort by bigoted minorities to modify 18C.

Its own people are not sacred, its resources’ shipped elsewhere, and its international identity has been entirely stripped bare. Its rulers smile and laugh, believing it hides its deceptive truths, but its people are not fools as they believe, an Aussie knows when they’re being abused. If you want to go there, the LNP will come for you too.

A home was once a castle, lived in and treasured by family, but now the very definition has had its strength torn and cast out to sea. Rulers who once gave a good show or even shared a thought for their people, have now tossed aside both hope and life in exchange for power and steeple.

Each morning brings us new despairs, each day is sent to try us, the greed so openly sought and aired has led to failures, whilst the current rulers daily deny us.

What’s the answer?
Well who can tell?
A casting off of the old?
Or a reshuffle… again… of wealth?

Democracy is a rort intended to dull the pain, and with each new acceptance of its abuses, wealth continues its gain. Rolling taunts and raging voices echo the chambered halls, and the only benefit for Aussies far and wide, are those that cannot be fooled.

A new senate has been seated, its occupants are young and old, but the few who hark and make their mark, are the few who add to the toll.

As for the global emergency of Ebola’s deadly stand, we refuse to aid anyone with a fever or the diseases deadening plans, ‘so we’ll call them shrill and blame it on Bill and let Tania lend a hand (LNP).’

The ALP have nothing on me, an ex-health minister without a degree, but now I’m king, even if it’s of tin, with my daughters three, and what I say is gospel today, but tomorrow don’t quote me!

Upon my throne of stone and wood, I fiddle as Australia folds, and all the way across the miles, its wealth will nourish my dwindling hold.

But whilst your looking where I direct, I ensure I do not fold alone, for as the Aussies, both young and old, wise up to my devious hold, I grasp the backs of their salvation, and draw the ALP with me into my hole.

And as I pull them down with me, all hope of an alternative escape devolves. Then in 2017, with Australians on their knees, my created, inflated representative popularity, will once again deceive you at the polls.

With no hope, no alternates to dominate governmental controls, I’ll slide right through, like Frances’ scholarship and once again ascend to my throne. Then just like Freya’s attempts to right the wrongs, you’ll be all alone, cause all things I’ve tried to enact, will happen like a rolling stone; gathering your hopes, your will and your lives and for many of you, your homes.

He is Abbott, he would be King and will rule our kingdom to its demise, and all you have to do to assist, is continue to believe his lies. Don’t wait for media to inform your choice, don’t accept all lies as gospel, because on August 18th, 1987, Tony Abbott stated:

“There was something odious about a system in which each individual was treated like a child by his superiors and, in turn, treated his subordinates – if any – in the manner of a well-meaning but devious and manipulative parent. There was something sapping in the system which shrouded itself in flaccid jargon (Tony Abbott. 1987. ‘Why I Left the Priesthood: Seminarian’s years of disillusion‘ The Australian Financial Times. Pp.60).”

Its time to just say ‘NO!’



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