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Days 134-35 – Educational Dogma: It was only a matter of time

The very second the Abbott government proclaimed through Christopher Pyne, that the curriculum for Australian schools needed to be altered, I just knew that religion would be re-introduced into a childs young mind in state schools. Thereby creating more generational divisions, both cultural and parental, and more protestations against the authoritarian domination of a childs right to choose. More teenage protestations and separations will occur, leading to more teenage binge drinking, raves, pregnancies and a whole swath of other types of resistance against authority.

Today, Liberals selected education reviewer, Kevin Donnelly, has begun to try and make a case for more religion to be taught in public schools.

Its not enough that there is a huge selection of private schools that cater to specific religions/denominations. The Liberals just have to go that one step further and inflict religion, to indoctrinate religion into young, eager minds. And it is just ‘any religion’, its the religion that was also shipped the the shores of Australia along with murder and disease. Its the religion that aided in the stolen generations continuing trauma into their futures, that saw to family oriented cultures losing the rights to their children. But really, lets not forget those sexually abused by these same religious organisations and doctrines, that the Liberals are seeking to inflict upon our children.

A mother with empty arms
A mother with empty arms, seeking her childrens touch

The Royal Commission into ‘Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse’ is still revealing the depths of this depravity. Yes, lets go down that track again, let us serve our children up to beliefs and institutions that are still confessing their depravity towards those innocents whilst in their religious care. Lets indoctrinate another generation into a religion that has resulted in suicides, prostitutions, mental disorders amongst other atrocious and unforgivable acts with consequential behaviors.

No religion has been found innocent of the charges of abuse: sexual, physical, mental. Life long abuse that remains with our children until the day they die, and many die young whilst their abusers are sent on to abuse other young children, protected by their religion or organisation.

Christopher Pyne, well we really haven’t heard from him after he was labelled the ‘most hated man in Australia! Now he is working through others, to front what he and the Liberal party really want to do. They want to keep people in fear, because that is what religion is about. ‘If you don’t do this or that, you will go to hell!’ With Australia taking on a more decidedly secular ideology, the people are starting to take notice, and that is the last thing a Liberal party wants.

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People don’t send their children to christian denominated schools because they cannot afford it, its because they don’t want their children being lied to.

You can’t sit back and say, ‘oh how wonderful western religion is,’ because its more like the soft kill rather than the more open Warring we are assaulted with on daily news programs, concerning the Middle East. America has started more Wars than any country since the Roman Empire, and they proclaim themselves, ‘One country under God,’ in their The Pledge of Allegiance.

“USA participated in more military actions, wars, coup d’etatas and meddling through political violence abroad than any other country in the last 109 years (Source).”

Just because they do, doesn’t mean we should.

People are not evil, religion is evil and you will find that many western Judaic belief systems absolutely refuse to be known as a ‘religion,’ because they understand that the word ‘religion,’ has been so soiled with the filth of religious abuse and wars, across the globe, that even they try to distance themselves from such a title. Enforced religion will only bring forth more discontent with an already abominate governing body.

If forced religion must be re-introduced into public schools, schools that require hefty fees from parents, then the parents should, like private school parents, have the majority say in what, and how their children are taught. If religion must be taught, then it should only be taught as an historical unit and all religions must be covered, as is suggested by the The Rationalist Society of Australia Inc.

Religion is a thing of the past, that only holds horrendous tales attached to it, and to those who have served it up as an excuse to harm our children. Most religious organisations are merely a shield to do wrong, to cause harm and to inflict judgment upon anyone they can, so that people will live in fear of an invisible ‘father’ that could disinherit them at any moment.


Rationalists Ideas for Secular Government

Secular government

The RSA supports the use of a scientific approach to solving social problems and evidence-based policy making by governments. This is fundamental to our “10 Point Plan for Reclaiming a Secular Australia”:

1. RSA and its allies support a secular, pluralist and democratic Australia.
Government policies should be based on evidence, reason and compassion, and protect the human rights of all Australians.

Everyone should be free to choose and hold their own religious or non-religious worldviews, provided they do not impose such views on others, and provided practices associated with such worldviews do no harm.

Parliaments and Government
2. There must be clear separation between religion and the State.

All Australian constitutions should be reformed to ensure clear separation between religion and the State, and all references to God removed.

Parliamentary prayers and religious references in statutory oaths should be removed.
No laws made by parliaments nor decisions of executive government should privilege or promote religion.

The Law
3. There must be ‘one law for all’, with no recognition of parallel legal systems.

Religious institutions should not be permitted to exempt themselves from the law of the land. Canon law must not take precedence over Australian law.

Sharia courts should not be officially recognised.

There should be mandatory reporting by religious functionaries of actual or suspected child abuse.


4. Religious organisations must be subject to the same laws as other organisations.

The ‘advancement of religion’ should be removed from the statutory definition of charity, and religious organisations should not enjoy automatic tax exempt status.

Religious organisations should be subject to anti-discrimination laws in employment and service provision.
Government funding to religious organisations such as schools and hospitals should be subject to rigorous accountability to ensure compliance with antidiscrimination laws and the absence of proselytising.


5. Children must not suffer because of the religious views of their parents.
Decisions about childrens healthcare should be based on evidence-based medicine, not the religious worldviews of their parents.

No organisation, whether religious or not, should be allowed to restrict children’s education or to isolate them within closed communities.


6. Education must be strictly secular, not promoting any particular religion.
National and state curricula should include the study of a range of religious and non-religious worldviews, taught by professionally trained teachers.

Government resources should not be used to support particular religious views, programs of religious instruction, or the employment of religious functionaries in educational settings.

Sex and Sexuality

7. There must be no discrimination on the basis of a person’s sex, sexuality or gender identity.
Australian governments should not impose a religious bias on the definition of marriage, or on the right to adopt. choice, with no religious interference.

Freedom of Choice

8. There must be freedom of reproductive choice, with no religious interference.

Termination of pregnancy should be decriminalised in all States and Territories.

Governments should make access to evidence-based sexual and reproductive health information and healthcare services universally available.

Age-appropriate sex and relationships education should be included in national and state curricula.


9. Healthcare must be available to all regardless of the religious views of the provider.
Public hospitals must not be allowed to restrict treatment on the basis of religious worldviews.
Private hospitals must not refuse emergency treatment on the basis of religious worldviews.
Dying with Dignity

10. When facing the end of life, everyone must be guaranteed control over their own bodies, free from religious interference.

‘Advance directives’ should be given legal force.

Physician-assisted suicide, with appropriate safeguards, should be decriminalised.

Governments should fund non-religious palliative care services.


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