Australian Politics International Nah… The Government Wouldn’t Do That!

Do you ever listen to yourselves…. At All!

Hockey to abandon tax and superannuation measures.

I have to wonder if the sitting federal Liberal National party ever has to actually listen to themselves, because it is more than apparent why many government offices are like they are, when the federal Libs behave in the same, ‘we don’t know what the other hand is doing’ manner.

They are constantly caterwauling about the injustices that they feel they have inherited from the Labor government on the one hand, and on the other they are ridding themselves of a perfectly good fleet of Limousines, to waste the tax payers money on the BMW Tony has always wanted.

They try and shame some of the lowest paid workers in Australia out of a pay rise whilst they spend millions more of setting up for the BMW lease cars for the G20 next year.

The Abbott government has pledged an extra $10 million in aide to the Philippines after super Typhoon Haiyan devastated the region.

15 Million people were affected and the Australian public has donated more than $13 million to relief and recovery.

With the pledged, additional $10 million for humanitarian relief, this would bring the Australian governments pledge total to $40 million. (a pledge is not assistance)

Yet I can find no documentation that verifies that the Australian government has actually given monetary aid to the victims. Infact all that I am able to find on the Abbott governments views about foreign aid, are the promises made to the Philippines after they were shamed into ‘pledging’ more than the initial $390,000.00, and documentation about the stripping of International aide on the 5th of September, 2-days before the Sept 7th election, by Hockey.

Tony Abbott is staying at a police academy dormitory, and is refusing to live in a pre-leased, top scale home, at a cost of $3000 a week. It was leased by the Labor government for the elected PM on the 7th of September, to live in, because the ‘Lodge’ would not be available for 12 months due to repairs.

This home is costing tax payers.

In some martyrdom type crusade, Abbott wants to give a show to the Australian people. An exhibition if you will, to portray a pious and humble leader that is all about saving tax payer dollars. What has happened however, is that not only is Abbott wasting $3000-per week on a beautiful home he refuses to live in, through some poor notion that if he doesn’t break this promise, the tax payers won’t recognise all the other broken promises, and at the same time, Abbott declined Holdens tender to provide the new governments fleet of cars (I can only think that this benefits the tax payer because these well kept cars used by earlier governments, are sold on to the public through auction?), thereby sealing the fate of Holden workers in Australia, and initiating a flow on affect to car part supply stores in Australia.

Abbott, who refuses to pay $3000 per week to live in a house that is being paid for anyway, is importing BMWs to Australia instead, to act as the new government regulated car fleet.

Bomb and Gas proof BMWS.

Photo: Tony Abbott says giving extra money to Toyota is not viable. (AAP: Quentin Jones)
Photo: Tony Abbott says giving extra money to Toyota is not viable. (AAP: Quentin Jones)

The Abbott governments actions only show that the LNP would prefer to be paying welfare payments to people, rather than to prop up a centuries old manufacturing industry in Australia. That they choose to remove a persons dignity, by removing the ability for many to obtain employment, and earn their wage by placing them into demeaning government schemes like working for the dole. This, like other ‘end of the age of entitlement’ strategies, only function to criminalise and denigrate people because they have been unable to find work, in a climate where the social strata of Australia is now designed in such a way that there is no work to be had.

These people are dressed in fluorescent orange flack jackets, and like a prison chain gang, are sent out in a mini bus, to be dropped off along major highways to clean the verges.

Mr Bracks says Holden’s decision to stop making cars in Australia was avoidable.

General Motors’ announcement came as the Productivity Commission was reviewing the scale of government financial support for the industry.

Mr Bracks says the review had led to uncertainty and may have played a crucial role in the decision.

“And I know from my experience in dealing in Detroit nothing replaces representation from the Head of State to know what the certain future in that country will be and what the conditions will be.

“And they were the signs they weren’t getting. And it was probably enough to tip the scale and say, well, if they don’t want us we should probably go.”

Now Hockey is abandoning a number of tax changes that Labor announced whilst they were still in office. Hockey views that these Labor changes would blow out the budget by $3 billion over the next four years. You gave the RBA $10b and they didn’t even request assistance, so I do not understand why the amount you gave away is three times more than your projected budget blowout. So why is this causing you so much consternation? Why not contact the RBA and tell them that its all been some huge mistake, ‘their on to us (the Abbott government) and I need to the $10b back to adjust the float’, what can it harm to ask? Bishops possibly pointing to her own arse again, and can’t stop upping the amount of the budget blowout, the last I knew, she was up around $10b.

Now, the Abbott Government will scrap 55 tax and superannuation policies proposed by the Labor government. Releasing the mid-year economic and fiscal outlook statement just before Xmas in the hopes that all will be too merry to care, cogs wallop! I know that I will be scrutinising its content, analysing and comparing the document with Labors last mid-year economic and fiscal outlook.

Labor says Joe Hockey’s super changes show Coalition’s ‘twisted values’

The Opposition has labelled the Abbott Government’s decision to end the super co-contribution for low-income earners while scrapping a 15 per cent tax on super earnings over $100,000 as deeply unfair.

Labor has also accused the Government of economic hypocrisy, saying the Coalition is blowing out the deficit, despite its election campaign claims of a budget emergency.

Before the election, Hockey, promised that Australia will do more to help out the rest of the world when it has a better economy. This statement would have held a greater impact if just for once a Liberal governing body could translate the savings concerning international aid, into a ‘promise that Australia will do more to help out the rest of the world, when it has better assisted its own people in crisis.’

That won’t happen either. Tony Abbott has in the last few hours, informed Toyota that they need not ask for any assistance either.

I can only imagine that when Tony Abbott proclaimed ‘Australia is open for business’ that he meant for him. He might as well walk around reciting: ‘Its good to be the king’ because his behavior, the behavior of is party is absolutely appalling. They are not a political party for Australians in the normal sense of the term, the Liberals are a political party that just wants to party, at the tax payers expense.


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