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Diplomatic Spats – Julie Bishop

What do Australian diplomats get paid for?

If they are stationed overseas and receive an Australian tax payer wage, or even a partial Australian wage and partial Russian wage to diddle their tax payment amounts, then what are they being paid to do? The Australian embassy in Russia is not empty, people were not flown into Russia to represent Colin Russell, they were already there. Australias Russian ambassador, Paul Myler, suggests this in his 2014 welcome message, located at the ‘Australian Embassy – Russian Federation’ government website.

A dictionary description of diplomatic duties maintains that diplomats are ‘officials engaged in international negotiations.’

Link to the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Here you can see who is doing what, when, where and why.

Paul Myler DFAT Official Portrait 30 November 2012

Australias poor excuse for a foreign minister, Julie Bishop, who already refuses to assist Australians overseas, is seeking to strip the powers of Australian diplomatic officials serving in countries where an Australian citizen may fall into trouble. In short, should an Australian citizen become a guest of a foreign country for manning a radio on a ship at sea, then unless the Australian citizen agrees to pay for the consular assistance, they can rot there.

She can spin it any way she would like, yes ‘she’ is the cats mother as my old granny used to say, but government officials, no matter their position or standing are supposed to represent Australian citizens, not just themselves. You should know by now Bishop, at your age, that if you are able to say all the insipid comments you bandy about concerning other countries, and the Australian tax payer, then you must be ready to accept the consequences on your own shoulders. You cannot pick a fight and then hide behind the nearest man believing he will defend you.

In other words, government assistance in Australia or overseas, is not just for inept government officials who are unable to control themselves. This assistance is for any Australian caught overseas in a dire situation, whether you deem them worthy of it or not, that is not your choice.

Your Abbotts family political activities are funded by the Australian tax payer. An Australian diplomat serving overseas in a diplomatic capacity, whether working or not, still gets the same pay. So why is another greedy Liberal policy being considered by Bishop, and Abbott (who has the last say remember), to the detriment of the Australian citizenry, when these diplomats are paid regardless of whether or not they leave their ambassadorial dwellings?


Maintaining a perceived position as the new ‘Queen’ of Australia in the region, Bishop is in diplomatic spats with many countries that were, only months ago, Australias friends. So this is another grab at the Australian tax payer, at the Australian people, to strip their rights whilst the Abbott government roams the globe muddying Australias once good name.

What, it would be about 130 days in office now? Its just wonderful how well we are being lorded over, I mean governed.


Julie Bishop foreign minister activities below


Australian Embassy – Russian Federation

Australian Embassy address: 10A/2 Podkolokolny Pereulok, 109028 Moscow – Telephone: +7 495 956 6070 – Fax: +7 495 956 6170; Consular assistance: +61 2 6261 3305 (from Russia) or 1300 555 135 (from Australia)

Welcome (Privet!)

On behalf of all of my colleagues at the embassy I would like to welcome you to the embassy website. The website is designed for a range of different clients including those seeking information on immigration, visas, business opportunities and consular information, on each of which there are separate distinct sections.

It does not aim to be encyclopaedic but rather suggests linkages where visitors to the site can find a wide range of information not covered specifically on our website.

For Australian citizens we attempt to provide information relevant to living or travelling in the region as well as on events taking place in the region which have an Australian aspect to them.

I hope you find this a useful starting point and look forward to any feedback on how we can make the website more useful.

Paul Myler

Julie Bishop signals consular help fee for Australians in strife overseas

AUSTRALIANS caught in emergencies overseas could be billed for the cost of government assistance, following a review of the operations of the Department of Foreign Affairs’ consular services. Hundreds of Australians seek help from the government each year, many in situations caused by their own carelessness or criminal actions.

Julie Bishop downplays diplomatic spat with China over new air defence zone

During bilateral talks with Ms Bishop last night, Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi publicly declared Australia had “jeopardised bilateral mutual trust”.

“I have to point out that what Australia has said and done with regard to China’s establishment of the air defence identification zone in the East China Sea has jeopardised bilateral mutual trust and affected the sound growth of bilateral relations,” he said.

Mr Wang also said the general public in China are “deeply dissatisfied” with Australia’s comments.

Julie Bishop stands firm in diplomatic spat with China

“We stand by our view”: Julie Bishop in Beijing.

Beijing: Foreign Affairs Minister Julie Bishop has held firm in the face of an unconventionally strong protest from Beijing over the federal government’s position on China’s newly-declared air defence zone in the East China Sea, insisting Australia ‘‘should never be afraid to stand by our values and our views’’.

East China Sea row escalates, as Wang Yi tells Julia Bishop that Australia has ‘jeopardised trust’

China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi, has hit out at Ms Bishop in face-to-face talks.

“I have to point out that what Australia has said and done with regard to China’s establishment of the air defence identification zone in the East China Sea has jeopardised bilateral mutual trust and affected the sound growth of bilateral relations,” he said.

Julie Bishop stands ground in diplomatic row with Beijing over air-defence zone

China lashes out at Aust criticism

Australia risks another diplomatic spat, after China lashed out at Foreign Minister Julie Bishop’s comments.

JULIE Bishop is standing by her public criticism of China’s new air-defence zone in the East China Sea, after Beijing labelled her remarks “irresponsible”.

Carr v Bishop: business or diplomacy the foreign policy choice

Bob Carr debated Julie Bishop in a battle of foreign policy at the Lowy Institute last night. The differentiation came down to motivation: do you engage with the world for trade or diplomacy?


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